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just another one of my "hey i wanna make this profile" and not getting super close, but still ended up with something similar that tastes just as good if not better. not a clone. just a profile mimic. i like it better tbh.

anyways onto the notes.
INW Shisha Strawberry + JF Strawberry Sweet are the strawberry component
FA Red Summer + TFA Watermelon are the Watermelon Component
FA Zeppola + CAP Sugar Cookie + CAP Glazed Donut = Cupcake Component
LB VIC + CAP SS = attempt at something resembling icing

there. NOTES.


iiiiiiiits butterrrrrrrrrr beeeeeeeeerrrrrr tastes pretty good. i'm bad with descriptions.

a unique apple cereal/desert. it can't make up its mind what it wants to be, and that's okay. this is NOT Apple Jacks cereal. though this is a product of me trying to make an apple jacks cereal. didn't end up where i wanted but the destination i ended up at worked great too so it stayed as a recipe, and was/is an ADV of mine.

pretty close to tasting like you just shoved a handfull of those bad boys in your mouth.

my attempt at a strawberry daquiri. decent as a shake and vape

Moe Heito with no cooling. for a friend that isn't into koolada/ws23/menthol.

Faithful Visitor is a vanilla breakfasty thing. I'm not exactly sure what it tastes like but its not bad!

Straight Up Grapefruit. both sweet and a little bitter, but not too much of either.


my version of a glazed donut. hope everyone enjoys it. as a shake and vape it tastes more like a fancy vanilla custard. after a few days the vanillas start mellowing out and the full profile starts to come into play.

edit removed INW biscuit @ 0.45%, suggested by duped
edit adjusted levels down from suggestion by Penny

Citrus Cooler for the citrus fans out there, 10 words.

User: Darthy Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
Great mix, especially for being 2 flavors.
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