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just a 2 banger apple juice recipe, adjust sweetener to your liking.

Holiday Pie using puddings instead of custards. upped the biscuit .25% too. vanilla is VERY strong shake and vape but mellows out after 24h

Maple Buttercream Frosting, does this really need any notes? c'mon man

cap buttercream is awesome.
i layered the maples beacuse why not.
you can use cap or tfa ss


Blueberry cereal of some sort. repeatedly told this tastes like 'Special K with blueberries'.

cereal 27 and zeppola make up the flakes and nut cluster things
berry cereal and blueberry extra make up the blueberries
cream fresh is the milkyness
cap ss/tfa ss to your liking. i suggest starting at .5% and adjusting from there.

ooo is FlavorLabs/VaporFlavor.

cap glazed doughnut joy and zepp make up the dough
vanillin & buttercream frosting make up the frosting
FL, FE & TFA strawberries make up the jelly innards
tfa ss and em for more sweetness

good shake and vape and for the first 24ish hours, then it does this uncanny valley type bullshit where it starts tasting like a dirty gymsock, but then somehow comes out of it around day 5.


just a really good rootbeer recipe that steers clear of the black licorice dilema


pretty authentic rice pudding, adjust rich cinnamon to your liking, 1 drop per 30ml is mild but plenty noticeable.


Lemon Creme Lunch cookies, those off brand things shaped like oreos one brands called Lem-o-lunch. if you want some sadboy butter cookie and just can't get it how you want it, this is your recipe my friend. while not a dead on clone, i've been told its pretty close, as i've never had butter cookie, i was just making myself a lemon lunch cookie.


A lemon Custard filled doughnut, i'm bad with descriptions, just mix it! :)

Just another Peach Mango Mojito. nothing super special, unless you think it is. . .

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Great mix, especially for being 2 flavors.
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