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My goal is to create something like SVRF’s satisfying.

I’m going to do my best to describe this the way I was dissecting it in my head.

Tea Base - TFA sweet tea and FE green tea. I like the sweet tea as the main flavor with a small amount of green tea to give it some more body. Koolada is added because , this is after all a cold beverage. I want to keep it as authentic as possible in that realm.

“Tea Syrup” - INW and FLV Raspberry with FA White Peach. I’ve used either of these raspberry’s separately in the past, I wanted something that tasted both real and candy-like. I put in a small amount of FA white peach to give the raspberry something to pop off of. I also like the harshness of white peach and feel like it gives me a nice bit of TH.

Finally, I’m using stevia in this mix for now. I haven’t tried it but will often reach for CAP super sweet when I need sweetener.


I had mixed up cereally easy loops a thousand times, and it was good. But this time, I was bored with it and I took it a few steps further.

I stuck with the same percentages of fruit rings and Bavarian cream because I thought that was perfect.

I added in acetyl pyrazine to add the graininess of actual ceral. Then I added cap super sweet because I think it's the perfect sweetener to give the cereal that dry dusty sweetness.

I feel like this is super authentic and my wife has been vaping it non stop for around 3 months now.

Simple additions made this recipe outstanding in my opinion. It took a while to get the perfect percentages down but I think this is it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


This is my version of crunch berries.

I enjoy a good cereal vape, especially crunch berry. A lot of the recipes I've tried fell short on the berry part though.

This is sort of an adaptation of cereally easy crunchies but with some additions.

Of course the Bavarian cream and the crunchy berries make the base of the cereal and the milk.

Acetyl pyrazine adds the grainy nutty texture of the cereal, and a little bit of strawberry ripe brings out more of the actual berry to make it pop.

I like it without sweetener but added a half percent and seem to like it this way better. This is still a work in progress and I'll be making some tweaks to it over time.

Great as a shake and vape, but after a few days the Bavarian cream really pops. You can use fw or tpa Bavarian cream at the same percentage and it's still good.

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Newish to diy and I test a lot of mixes that I come across. This is my favorite. I fill my tank with something else and literally within a day or 2 I'm back to this stuff. Amazing
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