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A favorite in many Mexican restaurants this delectable dessert offers a very unique and textured appeal when it comes to a dessert... i have had it on many occasions and love it at my local restaurant #Villa fiesta .. and i thought i would give it the ole DMC go .. and try to recreate it in an E juice...
Flavor Break Down:
Cream stone:
TPA Vbic, TPA BC and LB Van IC Make up my cream stone / ice cream base ....I wanted it to be smooth and thick.

The spice Rack:
TPA Cinn Sugar Cookie & FA Cinn Ceylon made up my cinnamon base w/ the sugar cookie adding to the Crunchy cereal outer layer..

The Cereal Coating : CAP Cereal 27 along with the TPA CSC made up my cereal layer along w/ blending over into the Cinn layer.

the Drizzle : Cap Caramel made up my drizzle and to add to the overall darkening of the mix
and last but not least
the fryer ..i chose Zepolla for the fried note it was a little light and probably will get tweaked later but for time sake as i just received my FA cinn yesterday
and had to get my testing and mixes done for the challenge in the allotted time frame ..

I was try to go for an authentic preserve type Blueberry in this recipe and I believe the HA AND MB Paired together achieves this the MB has sweetness that goes all the way thru the flavoring it could most definitely be a single flavor mix all by itself, the HA BB is the opposite it has a tartness on the draw and gets sweeter thru the pull.I also added MB Eden Apple for alittle juiciness and to brighten up the blueberries. . So I chose FLV custard and fresh cream(FA)
As my custard base in future mixes I may add some CAP custard for its egginess and to make the custard fuller... But for now it's still good wanna see where the FLV ends up in a week or so
Added a small amt of super sweet to smooth out the edges

Fried bananas are a popular dessert and snack food in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. The dish is more often known as goreng pisang in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and surrounding countries.When I was a Young Marine out on deployments to the orient i would love to stop and indulge in this simple but delicious snack while on liberty in Singapore... Brings back Nostalgic feelings ... I hope you all enjoy this mix as much as i do ... My Inspiration besides the Nostalgia was to bring something different to the community and inspire others to think outside the normal things we mix .....agian enjoy

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my recipe was Mixed live on the DMC youtube podcast yesterday, and Noonas Cake was found to have a strong Anise flavoring on the exhale ,which is not what i was wanting , heck i tasted the anise just didn't know what it was, but i actually enjoyed the Mix ..after collaborating with the crew on what needed to change we came up with the above changes ,which we feel will really set this cake up and give it the Authenticity it deserves... Thanks to Tam,Luadr,Shake and Folk for their input on this ...

Heres is what i was Envisioning.
A caramelized outer layer much like a Blonde Brownie, with a chewy custardy middle layer and a pie cake like bottom layer with a Sweet buttery creaminess across the entire recipe ...well i hope everyone enjoys this recipe and shout outs to all ..peace

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Firstly this is not my original work, and all credit goes to Highwind.. Who has made an excellent choice in flavorings and percentages and recreating an excellent Cinnamon cream..Iimho its Very very good... What I have done is with the addition of Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (TPA), and cereal 27 (CAP), and lastly Biscuit (INW) To give it a toast crunch...
Ty Highwind for sharing this most excellent recipe.

Derived from Highwinds :

This recipe is alittle different from the original worked with a different crust on this one.
My Thought Process on this recipe was trying to capture the sweet custardy layer along with the crucnchy sugar layer, and that graham cracker/and cake layer at the bottom , this is a derived version from my original and i dropped both versions at the same time to get the peoples opinion on the differences I like this version as it is closer to what I was looking for... But taste is subjective right.... 😉
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A great Summer time evening Vape Blueberry Milk...This is one of my O.G recipes from ELR.. That I have Remastered and brought to ATF.... This is a pretty good darn recipe.. The pairings are well matched up.... May need to work on my cremestone alil more.
This recipe is very remeniciant of boo berry cereal(that's an old school cereal) for you youngsters lol...
.But this has always been one of my favorites..... Enjoy
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I felt it was time to give my BBCC Remake some new life so I reevaluated my flavor profile with some different flavors.

I chose :
TPA BB XTRA and CAP BB/POM w/stevia as my fruitstone I liked how the blueberries and pomegranate played nicely together the POM gave the blueberries that extra brightness I was looking for.
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Also on that note I placed CAP Cheesecake, DF Custard and TPA Vanilla Swirl in the same layer as my cheesecake base, and it worked wonderfully even has that lemony smooth velvety cheesecake mouthful we all love so much.

And finally finished the whole recipe off with CAP Graham Cracker V2....

Once mixed and shaken and vaped the recipe was very good right off the bat... A week or two should really let those fruit berries and creamy cheesecake filling come out.....

Expanding on Waynes Live,"Mix .....i have a SnowMan recipe out already for several months now.. this adds to it on the white chocolate side ...makes for a festive vape during the holidays.Just so ppl do not get the wrong idea... i have been toying with these recipes before wayne realesed his pillow talk, cuprian and the recipe from 12/16.. for almost a year... it just so happened that he came out with some very similar recipes... so his recipes inspired me to go some other routes with mine .....
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I decided to redo and reevaluate and old Peppermint Milkshake i did last winter and use some different flavors and %'s as my flavor arsenal has expanded.....No long drawn out stories... Just good wholesome fun .....and hopefully happy

User: DaddyKane91 Score: None Entered: over 4 years ago
Okay Vurve,, I mixed this up and after i subbed a couple things.. i went with Cap Juicy Peach at 3% and Cap Apricot @ 1.5% , i didn't have the cap Van Custard so isubbed it with Delosi Van custard at same % ,, not to bad mixing this fo rPops for a Xmas Gift
User: DaddyKane91 Score: None Entered: over 4 years ago
I haven't even mixed this yet , off the taste taste i did this recipe is fire..... waiting on 60 ml bottles KUDOS on this wayne....
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I mixxed up a 30 ml bottle , of this juice only exception was i didn't have the yellow cake and subbed for CAP cake batter....but even still this is a bomb recipe ...and i loves some blueberries ...great job on this ..
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Mixed it up this morning Trent, and my man another one for my list, awesome job my friend.. Keep this up and you will be one shot bound.... Kudos from one BB Man to another Kudos
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Trent aka have another great recipe here my man .. i personally like it Cinnamon is there along with the Dairy note and just the right amount of sweetness , another juice that i can add to my list .... Great job on this Brother
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Mixed this up as promised ...and its Outstanding Folkart... gonna give this a week or so ,, but i like it right off the Shake ... Great job just revisiting my initial review... Followed up on this amazing recipe today after a 6 day steep it has really come together well and this can easily be someone's Adv, I applaud you Steve Aka FolkArt.. Agian great job on the Rev engineering of this recipe.. Simply outstanding
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Tam ..DaddyKane here you have outdone yourself with this mix, its very pleasant to the senses, thick on the palatte, smooth on the exhale.. im not a huge fan of butterscotch , but this is a very well done mix , congrates i like it,thanks for posting this up ....see yah in the DDU
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
This mix is pretty good, the Blueberry wild prob wouldn't have been my 1st choice.. But it works with this blend, you get the Blueberry light at first, and gets better thru the vape and on the exhale.. I would really have liked that it had some more depth to the BB, BUT.. The Lemon adds to that juiciness just right . I do like It very much. Great job BMV... Your on your way....
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I Mixed this for the Clone review and it pretty damn spot on ,,,, IMHO even more flavorful than the OG....... Mix this Up and let Us know......Mmmmm.... we are planning on a new release with the tweaks soon
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I mixed this up, this morning prior to the video, and had to sub out the inw Marzipan for FA... so my version is slightly diffrent than 007s, but not by much im sure.. This IMHO is slightly better than the original.. Great job on this one David.
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