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After Careful Deliberation i decided to redo the previous version s of this recipe, there where some off notes i just wasn't digging in there... so on to the new new ... loaded this one down on the cream notes i really want that to stand along side the awesomeness of the FLV apple filling .. man that's a great flavor ... i was getting a very noticeable anise note on the vapor train FVIC at the 4% i initially used so i toned that back to 2% and it was a whole different vape... hoping to zero in on this recipe to make it a banger..


doin some lab work with different Ice creams hope everyone enjoys choose your IC

Just like Grandma used to make, that Banana cream pie that made it to every special occasion. That rich Banana filling crispy and delicate flaky crust, topped off with that thick whipped styled cream..... Mmmmm mmmmmm

Chocolate cordial cherry tobacco
The Story : We get these little guys every year around this time, and i have never really liked the actual candy, but i got to thinking of how i could spin this into a delicious juice, and throw it over a mild but thick tobacco flavor .. the base flavors all go very well with a tobacco ,especially a good cigar or pipe tobacco i went to work with some FLV tobaccos to find my mix...and fell on the Cured and red Burley and Tatanka for my blend of choice in this version i wanted a little bit bolder tobacco, i also added in RY4 to help smooth it out with the other ingredients


Following the 3-2-1 movement..... a spiced peach using 3 flavors,, I only had 2 peaches Cap Juicy Peach and FLV Peach Gummy . After deliberating on which flavor to use i chose FLV Peach gummy due to it having a better peachiness IMHO , i know alot of ppl swear by Cap JP, i just didnt feel it or taste what i was looking for.. i then chose FA Cinn Ceyl as my spice and dulled that down with Cap Super sweet ... this is a pleasent vape to me ..enjoy


Well for Starters FLV hit it out the park with the Apple Pie filling Flavor, it is pretty spot on for a Hostess or McDonald's Hot apple pie filling or Very close to a Krispy Kreme Apple filled doughnut...... this flavor is amazing i tested it @ 4% and wanted a little more of that sweet filling so i added another % to it .and im glad i did... all it needed was a good baked pie shell to round it off , as i do not have any pastry bases i had to make my own ,So i chose the following as my pie crust base : FLV Graham cracker,Cookie Dough and INW Biscuit..IMHO it has all the elements of a flaky pastry crust and that coupled with the FLV Apple Pie filling made this recipe absolutely divine.. I really hope this gets the looks it deserves it is a very good and simple recipe ....ENJOY!!! DK91

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The concept was to use only what I had in the rack to accomplish this recipe, so I know some these flavorings may not be the best, but it is an experiment in beginning mixing I'm working on.
I chose these flavors as they where the closest I had to mimicking the actual cookie I had. The AP, Graham cracker, sugar cookie and Biscuit made up my cookie stone, with the frosting and butter frosting making up the filling, since I only had the 1 peanut butter I needed it to come across all the layers and stand on its own without fading or muting. On the shake it seemed to do that but time will tell after the steep.. This is enjoyable on the S&V, and I'm confident it will only get better.(as long as you vape it up in 3 to 4 days,) as I'm told the TPA PB fades to a nuttiness in that time frame..... Boo oooooo
Happy Vaping All.....


For the January DMC challenge on Milk...Noted did their Flavor talk on Milk this month so i chose a really simple recipe for all you coconut lovers. enjoy

I made this this morning so i didn't allow it to steep prior to show due to some other pressing things this past week , but it is pretty darn good off the shake and i forecast it will be even better after a good week of sitting ....

After considering abit o this recipe and it being mixed by Folkart... I'm am going to follow my initial gut feeling and Folkarts recommendation and delete the FA coco (coconut) he and I both feel it can and will stand on its own without it....

Moo E liquids Blueberry Milk Remix ......I Love Love Love Blueberries...

Native to the Middle East, they're now grown in many parts of the world. In the US, much of the crop comes from California and late summer to early fall is their peak season.

This lightened up version of a dessert panna cotta uses Greek yogurt for a great tang that pairs well with the milk & honey. The creamy texture is a nice treat with raw figs and it's easy to mix. A perfect light treat for your vaping pleasure.. this was inspired by listening to luis aka Luadr speak on figs.. i just want to be clear that i have never tasted a fig outside of fig newtons (lol) i hope it turns out to be as tasty a vape as it looks as a dessert...

My thought process :
I wanted a nice creamy base to place the figs on ,so i chose FLV Milk and Honey along with FLV Greek Yogurt and Paired those with MB epic Vanilla and MB Panna Cotta for what i hope will turn into a nice and delectable Panna Cotta style delight for this recipe and The honey and super sweet will compliment the tangy and slightly sweet fig. As always Vape Happy Folks.... And Enjoy

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Okay Vurve,, I mixed this up and after i subbed a couple things.. i went with Cap Juicy Peach at 3% and Cap Apricot @ 1.5% , i didn't have the cap Van Custard so isubbed it with Delosi Van custard at same % ,, not to bad mixing this fo rPops for a Xmas Gift
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I haven't even mixed this yet , off the taste taste i did this recipe is fire..... waiting on 60 ml bottles KUDOS on this wayne....
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I mixxed up a 30 ml bottle , of this juice only exception was i didn't have the yellow cake and subbed for CAP cake batter....but even still this is a bomb recipe ...and i loves some blueberries ...great job on this ..
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Mixed it up this morning Trent, and my man another one for my list, awesome job my friend.. Keep this up and you will be one shot bound.... Kudos from one BB Man to another Kudos
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Trent aka have another great recipe here my man .. i personally like it Cinnamon is there along with the Dairy note and just the right amount of sweetness , another juice that i can add to my list .... Great job on this Brother
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Mixed this up as promised ...and its Outstanding Folkart... gonna give this a week or so ,, but i like it right off the Shake ... Great job just revisiting my initial review... Followed up on this amazing recipe today after a 6 day steep it has really come together well and this can easily be someone's Adv, I applaud you Steve Aka FolkArt.. Agian great job on the Rev engineering of this recipe.. Simply outstanding
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Tam ..DaddyKane here you have outdone yourself with this mix, its very pleasant to the senses, thick on the palatte, smooth on the exhale.. im not a huge fan of butterscotch , but this is a very well done mix , congrates i like it,thanks for posting this up ....see yah in the DDU
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
This mix is pretty good, the Blueberry wild prob wouldn't have been my 1st choice.. But it works with this blend, you get the Blueberry light at first, and gets better thru the vape and on the exhale.. I would really have liked that it had some more depth to the BB, BUT.. The Lemon adds to that juiciness just right . I do like It very much. Great job BMV... Your on your way....
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I Mixed this for the Clone review and it pretty damn spot on ,,,, IMHO even more flavorful than the OG....... Mix this Up and let Us know......Mmmmm.... we are planning on a new release with the tweaks soon
User: DaddyKane91 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I mixed this up, this morning prior to the video, and had to sub out the inw Marzipan for FA... so my version is slightly diffrent than 007s, but not by much im sure.. This IMHO is slightly better than the original.. Great job on this one David.
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