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I was looking to make an ADV that was juicy and sweet, but backboned by floral aroma instead of the all-out sugary blast I usually find with watermelon recipes. I wanted to smell this as much as taste it.

FA Watermelon: I chose this watermelon because I find it provides a sweet but slightly more subtle flavor. It’s a dryer watermelon that blends well without overpowering the mix.
INW Cactus: Pairs perfectly with FA Watermelon. At 1.75% it adds a lot of juiciness and got me started on the floral scent I was looking for.
FA Pear: I find this flavor works similarly to INW Cactus. It adds some juiciness, a great earthy-tasting sweetness on the backend, and really boosts the aroma.
CAP Sweet Guava: Again, this one adds some wetness to the dry watermelon and a sweet yet flowery inhale. I’ve had this flavor since day one, but was honestly never a big fan. I had serious doubts along the way if I could get this to work. Most recipes have Sweet Guava at 4% or higher, but I found it to be way too sweet. It balances very well at 1.5%.
FA Meringue: My go-to fruit sweetener, plain and simple. Despite the added sweetness from the FA Pear and the Guava, I couldn’t get the sweetness I wanted from those two without boosting the % and screwing up the flavor balance. A touch of Meringue took care of that.
Koolada: Stop me if you’ve heard this before – the Koolada is totally optional, based on personal preference. I like to add just 1-2 drops per 10mL, which gives this mix the airy, cold taste you’d expect from a margarita.

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This is the first chocolate recipe I really enjoyed, it's really great. Be sure to steep the full 2 weeks.
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It's basically perfect, one of my all-time favorites. Awesomely layered - it's one of the few recipes where you can taste every flavor distinctly.
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One of the best DIY recipes ever. The fact that it's so easy and cheap to mix is just a nice bonus.
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This has been my ADV for a year. Cheap, easy, and delicious. You can swap in practically any fruit and get an equally good mix. TFA Apricot and CAP Honeydew are both awesome.
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