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This has become one of my must must have's to take with me out and about. I could write a bunch of ballshit about how this compliments that and how this flavour bends this one. But honestly this was a mistake. One that I didn't much enjoy when I first vape it. BUT....... Couldn't stop vaping it. It's become a replacement for a real cigarette. She doesn't taste like one but hits the spot like a smoke dose. There is something about the wild/ outdoorsy/ ruggedness of it. The taste is.... Well enjoyable once you aquire a taste for it. But I cant be without it now.

You will see what I mean.

A classic Strawberry and cream.

This is vapable as a shake and vape, just be aware that there are sour notes present when it has not had time to steep. This fades after 24 hours but for best results give a week.

This is a classic sour blue raspberry.

There's not much to say about it. If you want a more commercial juice, add 0.75% sweetener

DEAD HOOKER is an attempt to fill a gap in the diy community. For the guys and girls who are just starting out in the world of diy E juice I bring you a ranger of recipes that aim to use as few different brands of flavouring as possible without sacrificing flavour. When I first started mixing I struggled to make any of the highly rated recipes as it would have cost me a fortune to order the flavours I needed from different retailers, all with there own postage costs. I appreciate that this may not be an issue depending on where in the world you live.
I wanted to create a range of classic flavours that you could recognise from there shop brought counterparts, but 100% better. I hope you enjoy my Dead Hooker range and keep your eyes open for more to come.

A well balanced classic recipe of ice apple. A combination of flavour arts Stark and Fuji apple to give a vivid apple flavour.
Cap pear to moisten the vape and soften the apple on the exhale.
TPA kiwi giving the apple a sharp inhale.
The combination of Cap pear and TPA kiwi create an amazing experience.

Menthol can be substituted for another ice or menthol flavour but adjust the percentage accordingly.


An amazing honeydew vape with tropical fruits holding up and sweetening a lush wet melon flavour.

Depending on what setup your vaping this on, you might get a bitter note. I personally quite like it. But if your after that commercial taste then add more sweetener. About 1 % really dose the trick

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