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A creamy Graham Cracker Marshmallow dusted with powdered sugar.

A mate of mine loves his Graham Cracker Marshmallow, which is a commercial juice. I bought it out of curiosity but couldn't get over the amount of sweetner it was laced with; by the end of the day I had to rewick as my cotton was black and coils gunked up. To redress this issue and to demonstrate the merits of DIYing, I made up a more palatable version of that commercial juice for him.

Version 2 Changes

A few events necessitated a revision of the original recipe. Vaping ID10-T's Lucky's Charms converted me to FLV Marshmallow so I used his Marshmallow Holy Trinity which is: 0.50% FLV Marshmallow; 0.50% FLV Whipped Cream and 2% FA Marshmallow.

(The above holy trinity can be found in his Holy Peepus recipe on this site). Consequently, the Marshmallow in this version of my recipe is far more prominent and more jet-puffed than the original recipe. It's lip-smackingly delicious.

I also happened to get my hands on CAP Graham Cracker V1 for the first time and found it far better than CAP Graham Cracker V2, which is the DX (Diacetyl free version ).No surprises there. So 1% CAP Graham Cracker V2 was subbed for 1.5% CAP Graham Cracker. It doesn't take the lead in the recipe, just complements the Marshmallow with gentle cinnamon cracker notes on the exhale.

While CAP Cake Batter can add volume and yummy sweetness, it was dropped to bring the marshmallow more forward in the mix.

TFA Meringue, the powdered cereal sugar, was lowered from 2% to 1.5% to let the marshmallow shine more; it was overtaking this layer too much.

TFA Whipped Cream was kept for its blending properties. It also has no Ethyl Maltol, unlike the Marshmallows and TFA Meringue, so you avoid overdoing it as it can turn a recipe sickly sweet.

Finally for that commercial sweetness and to boost the marshmallow, 0.50% FLV Sweetness.

This is good to go after a day but give it 3 days for the marshmallows to shine and for the Graham Cracker to blend in.


This simple mix is addictive AF, hence the name, Cookie Crack.

Basically, 1% FLV Cookie Dough and 4% CAP Sugar Cookie make up the cookie base. I find Sugar Cookie intolerable over 4% (too spicy) but it blends in nicely with FLV Cookie Dough here.

Now for the crack part. FW Butter Pecan has that cinema popcorn butter flavour I love. It also has hints of nutty pecan which is highly addictive; you keep wanting more. At 3% it tames the Sugar Cookie and backgrounds the whole mix, bathes it in nutty buterry goodness. FW Hazelnut enhances the mix ( it should always be mixed with Cookie Dough IMO as it brings out its slight chocolate notes). Finally 1.5% Vanilla Custard is the blending cream but also keeps the mix buttery and moist to give you that satisfying mouthfeel as you exhale.

0.35% FLV Sweetness
Sweetener is essential for this recipe as I find Cookie Dough and Sugar Cookie need a sweetness boost to excel in any recipe.

This is nice as a S& V but it really takes 5 days for the cookie dough to blend in and peep through.


A delicious Chocolate Pandoro Cake with frosting

Having watched Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (see link below) I wanted to try my hand at some new cake recipes. In particular, using FA Pandoro to make a Chocolate Pandoro Cake, a Christmas dessert an Italian student had been telling me about. However, due to its inescapablely lemon cake flavour, FA Pandoro was dropped from the recipe and different flavours were used to achieve a Chocolate Pandoro Cake profile.

Cake layer
FLV Pound Cake/JF Yellow Cake - this makes up the cake portion of the recipe.

FA Joy/ Flv Cookie dough/ CAP Butter Cream: FA Joy lends the yeast notes you find in a Pandoro Cake and 0.5% is just enough not to get too overpowering. Strangely enough, It also happens to go beautifully with chocolate. FA Joy also helps separate the frosting from the cake so preventing it from being a just a creamy chocolate cake. FLV Cookie Dough is the chocolatey cake batter which softens and mellows the cake Cap Butter Cream provides the rich buttery notes you get in a Pandoro cake and enhances the frosting layer.

FLV Frosting/Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream: FLV Frosting was used despite the painful 2 week steep it requires. Cap Vanilla Whipped cream softens the frosting and smooths out the cake.

Chocolate layer
HS Australian Chocolate is a semii-darkish chocolate with cocoa notes and is enhanced by the sweeter FLV Milk chocolate. FLV Coconut was added to further complement the chocolate and accent the cake. Didn't want the Chocolate too rich or to be a top-note flavour, just wanted it to blend in and provide a more background note. FLV Milk chocolate can be quite potent so it was orginally added low at 0.15 % then upped to 0.45%.

A Chocolate Cake flavour could have been used to simplify things (LB Lava Cake is in the post) but mixing in chocolate flavours with a cake base is a good way to learn about both.

Overall, the recipe turned out well. It's not too rich but quite smooth and satisfying as chocolate vapes go.

Noted: Ep. 24 - Cakes (DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes)


There's nothing particularly new going on here since this recipe is kind of a remix of Vurve's Birthday ice cream Cake (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/16823) which I completly adore. I'm still learning the ropes but thought this was worth sharing.

Cake Base: The usual suspects, JF Yellow Cake and CAP Vanilla Cupcake.

Ice cream layer : ID10-T's magic formula, HS French Vanilla ice cream (0.5%) and LB vanilla ice cream (4.5%). This has been slightly thickened up and emulsified with Favorah Cream.

Accents: I'm not a huge fan of banana but I love a hint of it in juices. LA Banana cream provides a hint of candy/ taffy banana, as if the ice cream has ripples of banana syrup through it. However, FLV Milk and Honey does some magic here and combines with the banana to give the ice cream cake a lovely warm, slight boozy sweetness. TFA Toasted Marshmallow was added for mouthfeel but also to provide some brown sugar sweetness. It particularly works well with FLV Milk and Honey, as I learnt from Cheeba Steeba's amazing Milk & Honey recipe. (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/13546#milk_honey_by_cheebasteeba)

And that's it! I'm sure more experienced mixers could do much more with far less ingredients than I have used here but the recipe tastes quite good as it stands.

In the "Suggest a Flavour for my Recipe" on r/DIY e_juice, Mixologist 1D1O-T suggested I try this recipe out.

All the creams used in this recipe are deliberately light vanilla creams that give a silky smooth mouthfeel. If the pallete needs a break from peppery or harsh strawberry creams. you'll absolutely adore this mellow velvety mix. It's a soft, subtle, light velvet strawberry vanilla cream.

JF Strawberry Sweet and FA Red Touch make up a bright bold strawberry that after a week, blends into the cream giving a slight toffee note.

By sheer coincidence, the strawberry cream in this recipe tastes exactly like the strawberry on a pocky stick. Hence the name, Strawberry Pocky Cream.

This recipe ticks all the boxes so get stuck in and indulge!

P.S. FA Meringue and FLV Cream were added to the original recipe.

User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Loved this recipe. Definitely needs more than 2 days steep. I added 1% vanilla shisha to dial up the vanilla notes and to accent the lemons more. The weird things is that some people have said the lemon is too strong. Not for me. horses for courses as they say.
User: CygnusY1 Score: None Entered: over 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Tasty recipe. Love LB vanilla ice cream. Holy Vanilla and Madagascar are quite dark vanil last but they are mellowed by the ice cream. Lovely recipe. Enjoyable.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Spot on. Simple yet complex tasting recipe. Could teach mixers a thing or two about simplicity in mixing.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Excellent simple recipe. No gratuitous layering.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Excellent recipe. Absolutely delicious. Better than Meringue or Dinner Lady juices. Defintely an ADV.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
One of my favourite mixers at the moment and a really sound guy. Excellent recipe.
User: CygnusY1 Score: None Entered: about 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Vaped after 5 days steep. Wonderfully smooth yet rich vape. Deft hands at work here. Probably my favourite Cookie Dough recipe so far.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
After an 8 day steep I've just started vaping this. This is insanely flavourful. Heaven in a drop of vapour! Really creamy dark sugar custard background with a rich Butterscotch on the exhale. Didn't have FW Butterscotch Natural just the regular version. Great job mate! Full marks for this profile. You really knocked the ball of the stratosphere ! Update: I added 2% FW Butterscotch Ripple ; 2.5% JF Yellow Cake and subbed Cap VC with INW Custard 1%. I'm on a butterscotch buzz so I find JF Yellow Cake provides more body and gives the butterscotch sth to soak into. Once again, Thanks a mill for sharing, you're certainly a shark at the aul' mixing!
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Was looking at this today. Have the ingredients so will mix it up later. Clever use of Cap Cereal 27, I have it in a fried ice cream recipe at 3% and it tastes great!
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is an incredibly tasty mix, a delicate yet creamy vanilla pudding taste. If you want a soothing TLC vape, mix this, it's all about subtlety and smoothness. Best use of vanilla pudding i've come across yet. Cheers for sharing Millsy!
User: CygnusY1 Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
Really like this recipe. So well balanced and perfectly layered. It shows mixers the beauty of using a small number of ingredients. You definitely made the most out of FA Pandoro while the frosting works sublimely with it. I might make it again without the FA Pandoro though; that lemon off-taste is too off-putting at times, even after steeping the mix for 2 months.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I can't believe this recipe has got no reviews yet cause it's absolutely delicious. I've tried quite a few cookie recipes by now and this gem is a keeper. The Yellow Cake is a superb idea here Vin: it smoothes out everything beautifully. I also added .75% Flv Cookie Dough in another mix and it works wonders. You can't go wrong with the solid cookie/ butter/ cake base in this recipe. Excellent job man! Not suprised people sing your praises on the electronic cigarette subreddit.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
solid looking recipe!
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Cracking recipe Rory. Used CAP Lemon Meringue Pie. I just added 0.5% CAP Lemon Lime and also 2% TFA Bavarian cream since I didn't have Milky Undertones. Lovely stuff.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I left out Cranberry and raised CAP Lemon Lime to 3% as you suggested. Refreshing as hell Dave. Love it. The first non-bakery juice i really like. By the way, add 2% CAP Juicy Lemon and 0.5% FA Aurora for a bit of zing, or whatever the word is for it.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
One week tester steep. This is an amazing recipe. It's the best rhubarb recipe i've ever tasted. Really clever use of enhancers. Used 2% INW Custard instead of CAP VC to lower steep time. Lowerd CAP Ginger to 0.5%. Thanks a mill for sharing. Thought i'd never like rhubarb and custard as a vape. By the way, love your notes.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This looks interesting and delicious. Love the flavour combination. Will have to use FLV Avocado in place of FA.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Really solid looking recipe using staple flavours. I like the way you use accessible flavours in your recipes too; It demonstrates you don't need trendy or flashy flavours to make a great juice.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This recipe got me on to usefulness of oatmeal cookie and is by far the best oatmeal cookie recipe out there.. SO many thanks for an excellent job! don't know why this flavour wasn't featured on the Noted "Oat" show because it's the best of a bad lot. Would love to see a version 2 Oatmeal cookie recipe from you.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
The vanilla here from the Shisha manages to give the whipped marshmallow a floral light spicy vanilla top note with undertones of vanillin extract After a week long steep the whipped Marshmallow lends a pillowy fluffy texture to the body while on the exhale the creamy white sweet vanillin note pops like a vanillin pod in spring. I think 5% Holy Vanilla would push the vanilla more forward in the recipe along with 12% CAP French Vanilla. Apart from that, this is a smooth buttery and fluffy vanilla vape for any vanilla lover out there.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I went for the Flv Whipped Cream option with this mix. Had no FW Cake Batter Dip so used 0.5% Cap Cake Batter. Verdict: This is obscenely addictive. Only took 7 days to steep through. You get an insane frosted sugar hit on the inhale from the Meringue, Whipped Cream and also from the marshmallow in Lucky Leprachaun. The cereal base of Lucky Leprechaun and Cap Cereal is really well balanced too. It kind of tastes of oats and bran and is not too A.P. heavy either. Great use of Milky Undertones there. Really love vaping this when I want a sweet vape. Satisfies my sweet tooth and sugar cravings. Great work Dave.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
I love these biscuits so am intrigued with your recipe. Will mix it up and get back to you.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is my first venture into pistachio and love this recipe. It's so different to the bakery profiles I've been using and has opened up my vaping taste buds to new aromas. Would need to be a gastronomer to describe the taste from this. All i can say is, Amazing. Thanks a mill for sharing such a complex-tasting yet low ingredient recipe. Don't know how you guys do it.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
24-6-18: This is my favourite 3-2-1 recipe so far. So bloody rich and creamy off the shake. Really good job Sir Tootall. Will post an update in a week.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I whipped this up this morning and am vaping it now. Really delicious, solid recipe. It's a great base for adding extras too, which I plan on doing at some stage. Nice work Rin.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is the best Fruit Loops recipe I've tried so far. Funnily enough, FA Breakfast Cereals grain flavour reminds me of Looper's one. Great job. Simple too. Sick of mixing up 10 ingredient tongue-fuck recipes. Great job. Highly recommended if you're into looper style vapes.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
It's funny you uploaded this one. I was only eating a donut-marraber cake last week and was wondering how to recreate this. Really Interesting profile you chose. Will mix it up but might use a smidge of LB Lava Cake instead of the TFA Chocolate.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this yummy mix. Got stuck in after 4 days . Great work and thanks for sharing
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Like this. Lovely profile. Cheers for sharing.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Brilliant and simple vanilla pudding style recipe. The vanilla has smoky spicy top-notes and the body fills out nicely. P.S. Sometimes I add 1.5% WF Crispy wafer to give it a bite. Great work mate!
User: CygnusY1 Score: 3 Entered: about 2 months ago
This is nothing like the original, which definitely has a toasted almond note and so shouldn't be called a Clone. Nevertheless, it's a pretty good interpretation.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: 6 days ago
This deserves top reviews. Have mixed something similar to this so can tell this is an excellent recipe. Love your base, which I've used and works wonderfully with any fruits. Your layering is spot-on. Love the notes. Great work mate and thanks a mill for sharing.
User: CygnusY1 Score: 5 Entered: 4 days ago
I mixed up Platinum Blush and found the strawberry lacking and overall taste muddled. I like your strawberry stone here: FA Red Touch, which can be one-dimensional and flat, jammed up with VTA Strawberry Jam and Dragonfruit is a perfect combo for bright candied strawberry. Nice mixing. Tastes nice but will get back after a longer steep
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