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I love pistachio ice cream and cream milky undertone. They really needed each other. From the past pistachio needs to steep a while and milky undertone needs like 2 days. So 3 days is about prime for this recipe....

After Archie tries his new girls banana milkshake he falls in love... I’ve been wanting a smooth banana milkshake for a while and finally put one together that doesn’t taste like a runts sundae. To me it’s just the right everything but we will see after some steeping but off the shake it was delicious.

Going for a girls scout lemon sugar cookie with a side of lemon pudding dipping sauce. Oh with crumbles. Then muscle man smashed it and dared me to eat it in front of MY MOM.........

A blueberry Jam custard. I seen mix on Wendy vapes show. It’s really good.

This is a shake & vape. I really needed something to go with some corona the beer. It pairs up nice with a beer and some warm weather. I’d say sweeten to taste. I got the idea from Superbloke and his line of juice. It came out good. After a week or two the strawberry starts to fade and the watermelon pops out more.


This as close as I can get to the recipe. I’ve learned the secret ingredient.Its Chemnovatic flavors. Lemon Cream Wafer at 3.5%. This flavor is not listed on all the flavors yet. But it’s the key ingredient in it. The other flavors are just the help it needs. It’s good off the shake but after 4 days you really start to taste everything. I’m not sure if it’s going to allow me to save a flavor it doesn’t have yet. So YOU MUST READ THIS for this recipe to work. So take out the lemon cream and switch it to the lemon cream wafer. ( Update we now have lemon cream wafer on here so I updated the recipe... truly I think it’s better than the real thing. There is a deeper pastry note that I love. My next version I will try some Chemnovatic lemon to Britten it up. But I don’t want lemon fruit loops Update never mind we now have CNV at ATF how great is that.

This just a good pistachio vape. That green gooey ice cream.

This is a blackberry sweet tea. The real recipe is 5.5 river flavors sweet tea and 5.5% tpa sweet tea. The blackberry I used was flavor monks at 1%. Flavor monks and river supply is not on here yet.

This reminds me of my son at his friends birthday party. He hit the desert table and filled his plate and ate everything together.

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This recipe is way to complicated for jam monster. If you really want jam monster just jack up strawberry jam with toast up 8% and super sweet up to like 3% and you will have your mix. That’s it. This recipe does no.t have that jammy note your looking for and that’s jam monster really jammy.
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