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This just a good pistachio vape. That green gooey ice cream.

This is a blackberry sweet tea. The real recipe is 5.5 river flavors sweet tea and 5.5% tpa sweet tea. The blackberry I used was flavor monks at 1%. Flavor monks and river supply is not on here yet.

This reminds me of my son at his friends birthday party. He hit the desert table and filled his plate and ate everything together.

User: Crazyhorse Score: 3 Entered: 2 months ago
This recipe is way to complicated for jam monster. If you really want jam monster just jack up strawberry jam with toast up 8% and super sweet up to like 3% and you will have your mix. That’s it. This recipe does no.t have that jammy note your looking for and that’s jam monster really jammy.
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