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Mango watermelon bubblegum. To me it varies from hit to hit. One hit i will taste mostly mango bubble gum, the next will be mostly watermelon bubble gum, next they blend together. Its very interesting, and very tasty.


Much more simplistic take on Monster than Wayne did on live mixing, but it's the drink none the less!

FW Green Goblin- The main flavor of the whole recipe. Just straight up monster, just a little lacking solo to me
TPA Citrus Punch- Adds just a little extra limey(???) soda taste
TPA Champagne- Just added "fizzy"(not actually any fizz) aspect you get from the drink. Maybe its a power of suggestion, I don't know, it just works
CAP Super Sweet- Bc Monster is so sweet its almost syrup-like, 1% does just the trick


A simple peppermint menthol. Nice peppermint on the inhale, leaves the icy feeling after you exhale.

CAP Peppermint- IMO the best peppermint and at 2% gives a nice peppermint flavor
CAP Menthol- Just happened to be the menthol i grabbed, does exactly what you'd expect
CAP Marshmallow- Used this to give a little sweetness, and to me just makes a more satisfying mouthfeel
TPA Koolada- Added boost of coldness mixxed with menthol

Going for a red apple jolly rancher/candy. I feel like it hits the mark really well. Any suggestions welcome. Inspired from a live mixing with Wayne a couple months ago.

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Awesome! Tried it after a month steep, and it taste great. Reminds me of the sucker part of the cherry tootsie roll pop. Using in my Mage rta, dual 24g 2.5mm 8 wrap
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