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this is basically a simple summertime drink and a remix of vurve's best damn pink lemonade

well I have been working on a good cheesecake and I thought this was amazing creamy and filling


I tried too look up tfa max dew but nobody has used so I had too type citrus punch for the mtn dew flavor
TFA orange cream is the main flavor in this and will the creamy orange soda
CAP it will help brighten up the orange cream and make it feel like a better orange flavor
Koolada will give it the chill factor and make it seem like there is fizz in the soda
guys mix this up its a perfect S&V and it taste just like sodalicious orange cream soda

I've been trying so hard too nail a strawberry cream so I'm going too try this and see how it works because I have a hard time tasting my strawberries I don't why but hopefully this will work guys plz comment and let me know if this is any good and will prolly need too sit so the strawberries and creams can blend together

this is my all mighty fruit loops enjoy guys hope you enjoy it guys

well this one I give the credit too ecigexpress for the recipe because they were gonna start the new year with this so I gave it a shot and its better than any bubblegum than I had on the shelf in wisconsin

now this idea just came too my head without any ideas and it tastes just like the description says and its also very good


this is a very good root beer float its awesome and Ive been working on this recipe for a very long time trying too nail the perfect version of a rootbeer float and I believe that I finally figured it out guys mix this up and enjoy & will be a great summertime vape its light, refreshing and it has cooling affect on the exhale which is amazing Im finally happy with this recipe


this would be a cereal cheesecake for a nice desert after a nice dinner

User: Conradvape Score: 4 Entered: about 3 years ago
its pretty damn good but since I don't have wild melon I used tfa pear and it makes it pretty good
User: Conradvape Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
So Ive been searching for a good apple jacks recipe for along time now and I think you did pretty good on this and this actually hits the spot if your looking for a good apple jacks cereal recipe I would tell other ppl to mix this one up
User: Conradvape Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
well I didn't have anymore fw kiwi so I subbed it with cap kiwi strawberry and switched ws-23 with fizzy sherbet and its very addictive and enjoyable
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