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trying this out for the first let me know what you guys think feedback is always nice thanks & enjoy

this is yet another twist on a classic popsicle I love the 4th of firecracker version so I'm trying to remix it for the weekend guys enjoy its very refreshing

this is a very yummy treat during the summertime on a warm night cut up some juicy strawberries on a fluffy cake and dumped a shit load of whipped cream all over it

well at the end of this crazy ass week of work I need alil bourbon in my life and get it right with alil apple pie shots enjoy guys

I picked this juice up from a shop today and I thought it was pretty good and refreshing for a change

this is my version of a chocolate milkshake with alil touch of almond added into which makes nice and rich & at the same time got a little thickness to it which I enjoy so guys mix this up and 70vg 30pg and tell me whatcha think guys and keep mixing & venge on

This is a new version of my famous A&W root beer float with a few different flavors but mixed around the same way but I do get alil get more spice from flv root beer am I'm gonna steep it out for awhile to see how good it gets give it a mix and enjoy

well since everyone is thinking bout making custards I figure I would throw mine in there and give it a shot and who knows U guys may just like it

Ok guys so this is a sideways twist on my world famous Spank my monkey bubblegum thought I would twist this one up alil bit and out some strawberry and watermelon in this one seeing that spring is close

well this is my touch on an orange sherbet just trying too get myself ready for early spring flavors and get myself out of my normal all day vapes

User: Conradvape Score: 4 Entered: 12 months ago
its pretty damn good but since I don't have wild melon I used tfa pear and it makes it pretty good
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