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Well guys I find this one pretty damn close too the real thing so give it a mix and try it out for yourself and I stamp it with a S&V approval

this is a very simple grape skittles recipe just getting ready for spring too come so I can get away from all the heavy creams and bakeries & get working on candies, drinks and others COME ON SPRING hurry the fuck up and get here plz


after vaping Aqua "Pure" at the vape shop today the first notes I got from it was a candy watermelon with a apple hit with a very light hint of strawberry which makes for a refreshing vape for the summertime

Omg guys I bought some of this other day and I figured that I try my hand at it and it actually turned out pretty fuckin good and it's refreshing to the tongue so mix this up and enjoy guys

just trying something new and interesting guys let me know what you guys think

Ive been trying too make a good shamrock shake and it has taken me along time but now since I have RF shamrock shake it makes it a lot easier and I used it so far bcuz I don't know how strong the flavor and if its too strong I will more likely turn it down to maybe .5-1% and go from there and see how it tastes

I got this idea from all the times and days I spent at the hospital and had lunches with pops and it was a very good but sweet cheesecake and had a bite of tartness to it and had a hint of granny smith apples on top of it with some caramel spread on top of it

well since rf blu raz taffy isn't on here yet I had too use rf blu raz and trying too use a couple different blueberries to bring out that candy in this recipe and I'm totally addicted to this juice right now

I'm taking another stab at a good cinnamon toast crunch and I'm hoping this one will be pretty guys mix this and tell me whatcha guys think bout it and give me your feedback on it

welcome too the early spring candy flavors I hope that spring comes early for Us Wisconsinites enjoy

User: Conradvape Score: 4 Entered: 8 months ago
its pretty damn good but since I don't have wild melon I used tfa pear and it makes it pretty good
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