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Old fashioned treat.
Love this strawberry combo works well with the rice pudding profile, sweet rice i found to be creamy on its own but wanted some vanilla pudding and creamier notes to really set it off.

A black and blue recipe ive been enjoying.
The main body comes from LB blue razz, at this % theres all we need from this and buddied up with some hibiscus just helps lift it up and brightens the flavour i feel.
Multiple darker berries help to turn the blue into black as such whilst keeping a little of that artificial fruitiness with blackcurrent and boysenberry.
Cactus and citrus soda are just enough to keep it juicy and keep it bright and beverage like.
Could benefit from ws23 if thats your thing.

Belgian Waffles topped with Raspberries, Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream.
A waffle shop classic

User: Coil_Pop Score: 4 Entered: 4 months ago
I am an idiot! Mixed this with vanilla pudding as a sub without reading the creators notes. Still made for a nice vape but now need to remix when i get some pudding base
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