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This Recipe is ONLY for Nic Salt. Ideally flavor % are formulated for a 35mg-50mg range.

Notes & Subs
Candied Watermelon is the star. No subs.

Lorann can be subbed for fw or flv

Whipped Cream adds body without tasting it.


This steeps into a magical melon rum candy vape.

It may be the best Recipe I ever made.
Mix It and let me know.

A holiday spiced Gingerbread RY4 with a hint of whipped cream. A bestselling Chef's Flavours One Shot from the 2016 Christmas Collection.


A delicious white cake with a thick layer of creamy vanilla icing, with a hint of cinnamon.
Sweet and tasty mix.

No need for sweetener, it is decadant as is.

Orange Cream Ckemist Style.

Orange is built with a blend of Royal, Orange Mandrian, Mango for pulp, and Oba as a finish. Powder cream is made with a even blend of fresh, bc, and whipped.



This is my enhanced version of One Stop DIY Lucky Shot, with a tobacco twist. Sub your favorite Tobacco, this one worked well.


This is a delicious tobacco vape.
The Hangsen is a must have.

Best after two weeks.


The gum is one most of us know and enjoy. It is a staple of most of our youths. I present to you Bubbilicious Grape.

The goal was a well known candy using Cap & TPA ingredients. I feel that this delivers on the demands while being a superb bubblegum. It did not come easy there were many, many tests of this rounds recipe. It is with confidence I can say this is as most realistic to grape bubblicious has I would ever be able to get. So if by some chance you have not had this candy it has the following characteristics: fluffy, almost creamy but not dairy, grape that is smooth not sour, sweet, gum notes, powdery marshmallow chew vs. a traditional crisp bite. The ingredients were replaced with different ideas including EM at high doses, Sweetener ranges of 0-1.5%, Grape going from 3-6%, Cap Jelly Candy from 1-3%, etc. It took a number of tries to reach what I feel will hit all the right spots for any grape gum addict out there.

There are two parts to this delicious gum:
The grape side which is made with a combination of the grape juice, sweetener and vanilla swirl
The gum side which is made with the bubble gum, marshmallow, as well as sweetener and vanilla swirl.

Bubble Gum CAP
To me this is the best starting point for a good store gum, but as you work with it you find it has some limitations. I did have tpa gum but it just was nasty to me.
So I chose Capella because it gives that perfect whipped gum smell and taste but it is missing the fluff experience from those square gum clouds. Alone it fades quick and can't hang, with a few layering ingredients it turns more into the gum we are seeking. It was put at this range to stay in the mix while not ruining the mix. I feel it hits the mark at this %

Grape Juice TPA
This is the only gum grape, period. The rest are not the same as that fake grape that we love from the grape gum. Mixing this and bubble gum just give off two notes that don't work as a finished recipe. Over 4% and it was all grape, under 3% and bubblegum took over in testing. This range gives it that pop at first of grape but then lets it slide into the middle just like actual gum would.

Marshmallow TPA
This was selected for mouthfeel and gum layering. The Cap Bubblegum needed multiple layers to make it. It was necessary for the gummy mouth effect and the marshmallow adds a few layers of sweet to the mix. This marshmallow is far better than Capella which has a syrupy note that wouldn't help our gum stay on track for the targeted flavor.

Sweetener TPA
I dialed the sweet back multiple times to hit the gum sweet but then stop. This was very difficult in hitting a gum sweet while not being unbearable for an adv.

Vanilla Swirl TPA
This finally tied it together. It was the secret magic ingredient to give that full flavor grape it needed. I would have not felt so good about this mix if this beautiful idea hadn't come along. It doesn't even add the vanilla as much as fix the one noted grape and bring the whole thing together.

This has been an amazing round and thanks for the chance to play. I hope you feel that this hits the mark for a perfect bubblegum like the days of baseball in the dugout eating the whole pack of this stuff.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

Recipe Notes

The target of this mix is to reach a delicious fruit vape that is also sweet. In order to really stand out in this initial mix round, I went after the most difficult fruit I could think to create and still be complete with only three ingredients. Originally I was thinking of a perfect mango and I know how to get it but really to do it right it takes 4 ingredients. Then Cherry came to mind. I feel it gets a bad rap because there are so many trash cherries out there. Sippin on some syrupppp. Fruit. It needed to be something difficult. I worked through a mango, but eventually set on an Inawera only mix. Then from there I wanted to showcase the INW Cherries as a star that it is. A real delicious cherry flavor with other spiced notes and a sweetness that helped due to the 3 flavor limit. The back notes of Raspberry and Two Apples are showcase amazing Inawera flavorings. The percentage had to be super low to work with these damn strong flavors. Most recommended pure INW mixes at 5 but I feel the cherries can hang higher than previously attempted USA public recipes. Why these 3? They are by far some of the most intriguing flavors I have encountered and they are so easy to mess up. Harshness and perfume are both fears of over-mixing these ingredients and I feel I have danced the limit of these while keeping the total flavouring on these sound. This mix is good day one, AMAZING day 3.

So in the end here were my personal limitations for this mix:
1. Inawera Only
2. No Sweeteners or EM etc.
3. No Easy Fruits
4. Cherry - A very hard flavor to mix well
5. Hitting a real ideal inw total mix that is neither harsh or too perfumey

Flavor Selection

INW Cherries: This is my star. For multiple reasons I selected this cherry. It is sweet. It still holds a real cherry note, it just doesnt work in the same zone as other cherry flavors. It ranks only second to my favorite cherry, Cherries in Liquor which is the most amazing add in for any fruits. So its just an awesome cherry hands down. 3.25% is awesome gives enough sweet to finish while keeping a nice sharp cherry note as the lead.

INW Raspberry: The real king of Raspberries of our 5 brand options. This is by far the most complex, floral, and intriguring raspberry. It is a killer good and killer strong flavor. Where most won't go out of the 1% limit, in some instances it actually can blend in better above that. I kept it under control and somehow these three just work together in such a great way perfume issues never appeared which helped things.

INW Two Apples: Why this vs. Fuji? It is a more motts apple flavor to me, and hangs in there with a different fruit note that stands out among the strong raspberry and cherry notes. This is kept lowest just because it is harsh above 2% and really just is enough at lower to give it a better note. If Fuji flavor and Two Apples flavor were compared id prefer an apple that tastes like two apples so I went with that over say the Anton Apple which was also an option. Still feel Two Apples was best choice for finishing the mix.

Final Thoughts: Thanks for taking the time to mix this. I hope that you enjoy the flavors of it. 60mls into it myself and enjoying it personally as an adv.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

The popular cream base from Ckemist of E-Juice Makers.
Concentrate available at Chef's Flavours UK.

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