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BlameReligion on reddit (not sure if he’s on ATF- I did some lurking, it is @MrZigglesworth) sent me a little sample of Ripe Vapes’ VCT to see if I could help identify the tobacco used in the recipe. Upon opening the bottle, I thought Holy vanilla bomb, Batman. It was obviously a capital V in the name and a tiny T.

But anywho, I gave the thing a try and my first thought was TFA Turkish, but not super strong, and I got a little bit of ashy grass that made me think of FE Tobacco Absolute. As you see, I didn’t change my mind.

I eventually got busy with other projects and kind of forgot about the VCT, but then BlameReligion gave me a little nudge to see where I was at with it, so I filled up a tank and took the real stuff to work with me. It didn’t really go all that great. The Toasted Almond that I’m fairly certain is in there is just a bit too much for me. Kind of tastes like it’s CAP Toasted Almond at like 2.5%. Just a bit too funky. And I reckon they probably use CAP Vanilla Custard V2, which I don’t have and don’t really care to have. Pretty sure the French Vanilla V2 is also in there, and I’ve never had v1, but I like V2 plenty enough to not feel like I’m missing out.

So I know this isn’t a 1:1 clone of the real thing, but I don’t think I’d want a clone of it because it’s just too much Almond for me. Might be ok MTL, but my recipe here works better for the way I prefer to vape.

Absolute bare minimum steep is 5 days or else the Turkish will be just a hair too up front to taste right. Gonna like your life a lot more of you just give it at least 2 weeks though.

Adapted my Brigade 2506 recipe for a pod system. This is probably the only thing I’ll ever make for my little Warlock Peas, but it’s pretty good at 25 mg/ml and 60% PG.

It’s a cigarette with a pinch of lime. Sounds weird, right? I thought so too when ID10-T told me I should try to make a Camel Twista Lime recipe for Mixers Club. Over the month of trying out various different versions of this, it kind of grew on me and started to make sense. Day drinking some beer in the summer is better with two things: cigarettes and a slice of lime. Why not put them together in a recipe?

Most of the recipe is focusing on the cigarette aspect, but I wanted it to be the kind of tobacco that would take on the lime without too much clashing. The 7 Leaves and Classic Cigarette are the big players for that. They are brighter Tobaccos that bridge the gap between the darker, spicier notes of the Desert Ship and Turkish. The Royal I am not really using for any tobacco taste, because it doesn’t really have any. It does, however, have a little hint of cooling with some fruity notes to it. Really helps keep this thing refreshing.

I picked up two different lime flavors to play with, and didn’t test any further than INW Shisha Lime. It just felt right, so it was the only one I bothered playing with.

  • Black Jack Tobacco: Reminds me a lot of Gold Ducat. A sort of smoky Black Cavendish vibe, but instead of a honey sweetness like Gold Ducat, it’s got a hint of licorice. It’s not an offensive amount of licorice. I really don’t care for anise or black licorice, but I’m ok with the amount in this one.

  • Black for Pipe: If you don’t have it or already know about it, you’re messing up. Great smoky tobacco with some dark fruit subtleties and a tobacco flavor that goes down really smooth. Must have in my opinion.

  • Gold for Pipe: basically honey smoke. That’s the best way I can describe it. I love it with Gold Ducat, and it’s just as magical with Black Jack.

  • Tobacco Absolute Garuda: Pretty much it’s just plain ol’ Tobacco leaf. Some mild sweetness, and can give just a little hint of ash when pushed to the 1.5% range- which is what I did here :)

A cherry oak pipe tobacco. Pretty simple.

A while back @matthewkocanda was talking about a cherry oak pipe tobacco that someone used to roll for him (or something like that.) Thought it sounded like a fun thing to try out, so I mixed this up, and it’s pretty gosh darn good.

INW Western: I hated it at first. Probably my fault for testing it at 5%. Got rid of it a while back and picked it up again more recently, but this time tested it at .5%. Muuuch better. Instantly became my favorite “western” flavor. Leathery tobacco with some cocoa notes.

WF Vanilla RY Custard: Can’t really say I get the “custard” part very much, but it is a good vanilla with just enough of an RY kick to be satisfying.

Those two flavors are what I really wanted to be the focus of this recipe, and I think I got them to work pretty well together.

Decided to give it a little southern twang, so I went with some Kentucky Bourbon because other bourbon flavors hurt my throat a little bit without a decent steep.

The Am4a is there to add a bit more depth to both the cocoa notes in the Western and the booze notes from the bourbon. The best way I can describe it is a cocoa liquor with some mystery mixed in. It’s unique and keeps things interesting.

Red Oak just doing its thang to give some oak to the bourbon and it plays nice with tobaccos.

FA Shade has an interesting top note to it with a bit of a less aggressive tobacco taste. I needed some more top notes because it was mostly only getting the tops from some of the Am4a, and that one is still more hearty than it is top heavy.

Alternate Title: Audrey

Fuck it, I’ll jump in on the 1-2-3 thing. Probably not a whole lot of people have INW Parlament or Royal Club because I’ve never seen them on any of my regular sites. But if you’re anything like me and want to track down all the INW tobaccos just because, then maybe you’ve got ‘em.

If you want to do this as an all INW recipe, replace FLV Sweet Cigarette with INW US Light Mix. It’ll be a little dirtier, but similar.

INW Royal Club is a pretty smooth tobacco flavor that has a hint of vanilla to it. INW Parlament actually does remind me a bit of Parliament cigarettes. It’s light and sort of airy and mostly tastes like a clean smoke more than a robust tobacco. FLV Sweet Cigarette is like a Light Cigarette with some vanilla notes to me. Put ‘em all together and you’ll feel like your shitcoins mooned over night and your smoking a fancy cigarette in your new lambo.

Pretty good off the shake, but give it about 5 days to start mellowing out a bit. If you’re a “tobaccos take a month” evangelist, then wait a month. I’m too impatient for all that :)

Smoky tobacco with dark berries.

The original idea was to use ingredients with “black” in the name (hence the name), and to try to boost the dark berry notes in Black for Pipe. I think I succeeded with the latter, but the former didn’t quite work out.

The first problem with the “Black” idea was TFA Blackberry. Too floral. Same problem with INW Blackcurrant. Wasn’t really feeling it with Black Cherry for Pipe or INW Black Jack either. So to get the main idea to work, I had to pretty much scrap the Blacks.

For the tobacco base I ended up going with my Brigade 2506 recipe because that pretty much makes Black for Pipe perfect to me. The berries and Connecticut Shade came together kind of by accident. I asked for some ideas on diy_ejuice and @ID10-T suggested FLV Açaí, and mentioned some cocoa notes. I thought that might be interesting with some FLV Connecticut Shade. I must have read a flavor review for Boysenberry before I went to BCF, because I ended up buying FLV Boysenberry instead of the Açaí. I didn’t realize my mistake until I mixed it up and it tasted pretty good, so I went to thank Dave for the suggestion. Then I saw that he said Açaí. I figured I’d better get that one to see if it’s even better, and it was pretty good too. I knew then that I had to at least try it with both, and by golly it was perfect.

I have been really digging it in a MTL tank. Those berries are up front on the inhale and then the smoky perfection of Black for Pipe comes in on the back end.


A creamy cigar with hints of honey that’s been kissed with some strawberry.

Also, leave out the strawberry for a pretty nice Acid Blondie type of thing.

HC Mango is actually HC Malaysia Mango!

This is a Virgin mango pina colada. It was inspired long ago by this recipe by Jwdman in /r/mixersclub (join today!)

As you can see, it ended up not really resembling that recipe all that much.

The real star here is HC Malaysia Mango. It’s got a really subtle cooling sensation with a sort of mango nectarine type of juiciness. Earlier versions I played around with SC Island Tobacco and INW Cocopilada to get the pina colada stuff in there, but in the end decided to do more of a “build your own” pina colada-esque thing with INW Coconut and Pineapple.

The Malaysia Mango on the coolness scale I would say is around FA Polar Blast at .5-.8%. Hard to say for sure because I don’t like that cooling sensation all that much, so I don’t use those additives. But it’s not distracting here. If you really, really don’t like it, replace the Malaysia Mango with FE Mango at 2-3% and cross your fingers that the FLV Cream will help it keep from fading too much.

I don’t do a lot of fruit stuff, so my description is probably lacking a bit. Just try it. Or don’t. I like it.

User: ChemicalBurnVictim Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
Finally my minimum 3 week steep is over, and I can give a proper review. Two things I want to say first: 1. I used TFA Toasted Marshmallow in place of the Butter Cream. 2. I'm not a fan of vanilla in my tobaccos. With that being said, I am very excited about this recipe. It is definitely heavy on the vanilla custard, but the smokiness of the tobaccos balances it all out perfectly. There's a hint of that dark plum flavor from the Dark for Pipe popping up on the back end that is very nice. Right at the end of the exhale I get a lot of the Black for Pipe smokiness, and then a good portion of the exhale is a creamy custard until the Dark shows up. While this may not be as dirty as I like my tobaccos, it's definitely a nice break from what I'm used to. I may experiment with INW Custard instead of the CAP, but there really isn't a need to. It would be just for me to see how the INW compares. If you're really in to RY4s and dessert tobaccos, an you're curious about dipping your toes in the non dessert tobaccos, this would be a great transotional recipe. As a bonus, you'll add 3 great tobaccos to your arsenal.
User: ChemicalBurnVictim Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
I’ve only ever tried a couple coffee flavors, and I’ve only bought one coffee juice. Maybe it’s my limited experience in the coffee vape world, but to me this tasted a whole lot like the one coffee juice I bought (Indigo Five Bucks, if anyone is curious.) I can’t say that I get the Butter in Gold Ducat, but I really like what it’s doing with the Dark Bean here. It’s like a strong coffee with a sweet honey tobacco sweetness under it. Good way to start the morning. Also, I’ve done the Butter and coconut oil in coffee before. Ruined my day. Much better to vape it.
User: ChemicalBurnVictim Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Hope you don’t mind a copy/paste review because it’s late and I’m lazy. I just want to make sure I give it the 5 stars I said I would before I forget. By ebc88 Uh oh, Chemy likey. I can tell there’s some Gold Ducat in there, and I think we are kind of on the same page with that flavor. Couldn’t really get in to it very much until recently, but now I’m really starting to dig it. It seems like kind of a Bible Flavor- everyone has their own interpretation. I always got honey from it. Lately I’ve been getting a pretty nice smoky honey from it. Some get plum, some get coconut, some get butter. Right now, I’m just getting delicious. I’m going to peak at the recipe now just to see what I need to order to make it myself. That Marzipan and Hibiscus are going on the next order. Great choice on the tobaccos. I couldn’t think of anything that would go with the Hibiscus any better. Giving this one a 5 star. - reviewed for Mixers Club
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