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Vanilla peach icecream on it's best. One of my new ADV's.


This is one of my favoriet recipes, nice cheesecake taste on the inhale, you also can taste the graham crust very nicely and a very good strawberry on the exhale.That's how we make the strawberry cheesecake in our kitchen. Love it very much, needs at least 3 weeks of steeping. Setup: Hadaly RDA, off course single coil, Flat clapton, 6 wraps 0,23 ohm @ 45 watts. Have fun mixing it ;-)

I am a caramel lover, but never found a commercial juice that really satisfied me. So this is the final recipe after making a few different batches. Setup: Recoil RDA, dual coil build flat clapton wire @ 0,13 ohm's, 70 watt. Very nice creamy caramel taste, but you really need to let it steep for about 3 weeks to let the Dulce de leche settle down en blend in with the other flavours. If it is to sweet for you reduce the sweetener to half a percent, i personally got a sweet tooth lol

Base idea was taken from Wayne's recipe Strawberry icecream cone.I changed a few ingredients to make it taste more like a belgium sugarwaffle than an icecreamcone.Also the ingredients for the icecream are changed. I already made a batch of this last week, did came out really nice after one week of steeping. On the inhale you will taste this typical sugarwaffle that they make here and on the exhale a nice creamy strawberry icecream. Have fun with trying it out and please give me some feedback.

With greetings from belgium Chefproject

Almost every good chef knows a recipe for Tarte Tatin. It is actually a invention from the sisters Tatin from France. History tells us that this tarte was invented by a little accident that happened to the appletarte, which felt down and they were thinking what else they could do with the already baked apples, so they decided to caramelize the apples and cover them with a sheet of puff pastry and they put it in the oven upside down. Afterwoods they did turn the tarte around and this was the result....The Tarte Tatin was borne.
It is a appletarte with loads of butter and sugar inside for the caramel, nice warm and great for the cold winterdays.
This vape actually tastes like the real Tarte tatin, which i already made hundreds of times in the kitchen. Enjoy the recipe and like always please let me know about it if you mix it up.

Greetings and regards from Belgium Chefproject

This is my first recipe, that i will put online on All the flavors. Would be nice to get some feedback, because i am still missing some body to it.. It is a very nice, smooth vape with a good balanced berry taste, but i miss some body in the cream. Maybee somebody get hooked and can give me some advice. Thx in advance and greetings from Belgium ChefProject

for the next batch i added some black currant,and switched to capella's vanilla custard. I also added some strawberry ripe

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Mixed it up, just subbed the Shisha vanilla with Holy Vanilla cause didn't have the Shisha vanilla and the FA Cream fresh is subbed with Cream of FLV. Will tell you in the next days, how it turned out ;-)
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