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Simple yet good peach tea vape. SF testing JF Honey Peach I knew it only needed a nudge to make it tea, it has some herbal notes in the back ground leaning towards tea already. FLV Lemon Tea I picked up recently and hadn't really had time to SF test but I had high hopes and it worked out well. I did try laying a few flavors but its actually fairly complex as it is, JF Honey Peach has a lot going on without anything else added.

If you want to cool this off I suggest .5% FA Polar Blast or 1.5% Delosi Ice. WS-23 has an off note that gets weird here.

Over night steep recommended. You can SNV but its a little bland at first.

Sticky Rice Cake w/ Red Bean paste filling.

VT Rice Base is a really good sweet rice flavor by itself but its a little earthy, has a really nice straight dirt note middle ways into the inhale and a sugary sweet aftertaste causing an internal WTF. Its not offensive dirt but it is unquestionably, dirt. FE Sweet Rice to me is good but lacking that rice feel where VT nailed it so the pairing is perfect.
FA Red Bean also has some earth going on and is less dirt than VTs Rice Base also lending a hand to blend that off note. The profile was packed with flavor with just the 2 Rice flavors and the Red Bean but it was linear, lacking body and mouthfeel. I wanted a little vanilla to help round this out and FLV Vanilla Bean works well as a top note without pushing other flavors around. Toasted Marshmallow gives this some body and adds some additional background notes.

I've really been enjoying this mix and hope to get some feedback, enjoy!

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