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When deciding on a milkshake flavor, I knew I really only had one choice. Arby's Jamocha Shake. Why? Because I wanted something different. I wanted something I myself would really enjoy. And if I go to Arby's, I always get Jamocha. It is light and cool and sweet, and it almost never fails to make me wish I had gotten a bigger size. Now to Create an accurate shake, you need the right base. I could go with one of probably 6 or 7 choices for the creamy milky base. But with the need for a quick steep and not a lot of room in the recipe for helpers, Capella's Sweet Cream was the clear winner. I went a little higher with the percentage so that it would be present right away. But even though it is a slightly heavier cream, I did want to bring in a component that would fill it out. That is where Flavor West's Creamy Hazelnut comes in. At slightly higher percentages, the hazelnut really comes through, and I did not want to do that. Kept at this low percentage, it actually accomplishes two purposes. It acts as a milk, to fill out the sweet cream, but then the slightly nutty undertones create a bridge for the next flavor to come in...The Coffee. Flavour Art's Up is perfect for this shake, because it is a coffee that is already sweetened, and has this element to it that is just slightly creamy. Not obviously so, but just sweet and creamy enough for it to be a perfect match for this recipe. Because you can't have mocha without chocolate, that is where Flavor Apprentice's double chocolate clear comes in. It blends with the other components and offers that element necessary to accomplish what I was going for. Once we had the flavor married together and happy, there was that singular last thing I needed. Cold. For my one allowable enhancer, I chose Flavor Apprentice's Koolada 10% PG. At just under 1%, it gives you the chill in your mouth and throat to let you know you have a milkshake, without an overwhelming blast of freeze that causes an ice cream headache. Again, I kept all the percentages pretty low, because if you have ever had a Jamocha shake yourself, you know it is a very lightly flavored milkshake, and for accuracy's sake, I needed to remain true to the real thing. While a shake and vape, this recipe benefits greatly from an overnight steep. Enjoy!

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Nerds Ropes are an awesome candy. You have a long chewy licorice rope encased in yummy nerds candy. It is like two candies in one!
So for this candy, we had to start with the rope. That was easy with TFA's Red Licorice. Next we had to figure out what to do about those nerds! What are nerds really? Nerds are the essence of skittles but without the chewy insides, and that is where the rainbow drops come in. You have to be careful with this flavor though, because if you use too much, it turns into lemon pledge (Like so many fruit loops recipes). The insides are rather a different story. The insides are more like smarties candies, which is where the Sweet and tart comes in. The flavors work, they are accurate, but they are a little rough on their own. This is where the dragon fruit comes in. If I had the luxury of a fifth flavor, I would have kept the dragon fruit at .25% and added 1% of Tfa Meringue to both emulsify and smooth things out. As I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners and that fifth flavor is not an option, I had to work a little magic. I bumped the dragon fruit up to 1%, and was thrilled to find that the mix was just as good as the .25% dragon fruit/1% meringue option.

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Mallowmars are a treat that I have always loved, but just never got around to mixing before. I love them for the same reason I love marshmallow eggs at Easter. I am a marshmallow junkie. So, where do we start? I started with the cookie, because it is the foundation. The mallowmars cookie is pretty cakey, but not overly sweet. So that called for FA's Cookie, and Capella's Yellow cake. Just the right combination for a really cakey cookie. The next component to tackle is the marshmallow. This is the queen of the ball! No marshmallow would be quite enough, because the marshmallow in this cookie is Big. And fluffy. And Creamy. So I decided on a combo of FA Marshmallow and FA Catalan Cream. Catalan is the natural choice because it is rich and creamy, and has the feel of a marshmallow cream. Last but not least is the chocolate. FA Chocolate fit the bill, and at .5%, it comes in just strong enough to do what it is supposed to. Barely dress that marshmallow, because we can't send the queen out without a dress! This mix requires a 3 week steep, but at the end of the wait, you may just find yourself wishing you made a bigger batch!


This is a mix that showcases the sheer beauty and delight of Passion fruit! Not a ton of mixers use this flavor, but it is incredibly versatile, blending well with teas, creams, and lots of other fruits. An Exotic fruit, it is bright and sweet but has a bit of an acidic edge.
To showcase this fruit, I put it front and center. Because it can be so bright, I wanted to add some earthiness and depth, which is where the fig comes in. It gives the passion fruit dimension without detracting from it's beauty. Last, I added the caramel, to enhance the natural sweetness of the fruits and take the acid of the passion fruit down a smidge so that it can be enjoyed all day.

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