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A juicy mix of dragon fruit creams and prickly pear.

I am going for a tangy, sweet strawberry profile. I used a high percentage of strawberry taffy(CAP), because it's the main profile and I wanted it as such. The pink lemonade really brings out the tangy flavor well. Marshmallow really pulled this profile off. It helped bring down the throat hit from the strawberry taffy concentrate. It also rounded out the mix of taffy and lemonade. Of course I went with mega sweetness, because it is a candy after all. This is a favorite candy of my wife, and she was blown away by this recipe. The ethyl maltol needed to stay a little low to avoid turning it into cotton candy. Lol. The sweetener helped out the profile to give it what it's made out of, sugar. Hopefully you'll enjoy the sweet and tart flavor of the Willy Wonka candy factory in this stretchy candy we've all had, whether you were a kid or an adult

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With this flavor, I was going for a perfect blend of peach and mango, without going into the “peach ring” realm which I tried not to do. CAP sweet mango is a sweet, ripe mango flavor, and oh so delicious. By ripe, I mean very ripe. It's a little weak though, so I used a percentage that I thought fit the profile. FA’s peach is a wonderful strong white, bright peach flavor at 1%, luckily not too sweet. It fit the boldness I was going for in the peach. TFA juicy peach brought in the peach sweetness and wetness. TFA is where the gateway of real to candy can affect the outcome of the flavor. I knew I definitely needed the sweetness from TFA juicy peach, because I couldn't and didn't want to use any sweetener. I think I pulled it off really well. Unfortunately, we only had three ingredients to work with, so I feel this is a great interpretation of what a mango/peach hybrid would taste like.

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Lose yourself in the warm sun of the California coast. Fresh picked and candied strawberries atop a decadent dense cheesecake. The crust is a crumbly, sweet double graham cracker base so tasty that you could die in deliciousness. If you think you've tried cheesecake, you haven't even scratched the surface.


A cinnamon spiced cookie in some thick vanilla custard. If you like chewy, dense snickerdoodle cookies, then you gotta try it in custard form.

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