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This one started as a want for orange soda and I just kept pushing the lemon higher and higher to get some zip. I may rethink the lemon used to see if something else might work a little better. The fizz pop seems to add something nice to any fruit I have tried it with so far. The wife says it tastes like tang..so I might need to try to juice it up a bit. I made several soda recipes in the batch this came from, and this was the only one I wanted to play with more.
Add sweetener if desired

My wife wanted something very fruit punch forward and VERY sweet. I started with just the west coast punch and the Hawaiian drink, but the pineapple needed to be a little stronger in the combo so I added the pineapple juicy for the punchy pineapple flavor it brings. It still needed to be juicy and wetter so I went .5 cactus and pear to up the wet without too much flavor in the mix from either. I made this for another friend with 1% SS and she loved it as well- She said it is very distinctly the blue flavor of koolaid. The wife likes it right off the shake, but says it does something nice after a few days in the bottle if she can make it last that long.

User: Ceedge Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Mixed this up about a week ago and thought it was pretty tasty. A friend tried it out of my tank and promptly stole the bottle. Will have to mix more of this simple yummy recipe.
User: Ceedge Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
My wife loves this one. I mixed up a 10ml for her to try and it didn’t make it to the week it was to steep. Making a 30 ml now and stashing it away so she can try it again.
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