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Oh. My.
This mix was for lack of better words
A happy accident.. you dont know what velvety is until you taste this after a 10 day steep. I know this seems super simple. Well it is. But my goodness is it good.
Base.. just started with a really simple base
Supporting notes. The strawberry ripe i put in at 2% to really brighten up the black berry. But turns out it just sweetened the black berry and gave it a much more complex flavor. Fuji apple is there because its awesome. Nuff said.

My take a a super fresh tasting delish strawberrys and cream.
Definitely give this 2 week steep

Still in the process of perfecting this profile.
This is v2 of strawberry custard?
In strawberry custard original I had planned to make.............a strawberry custard until after I mix and reliezed the 0.75-1 tpa carm original with 2-3fa custard. Taste EXACTLY like flan and more especially the wet caramel sauce... long start short it changed my goal.
This version is significantly closer to my goal but one this still remains. I can't get the strawberry right. In the og. I can only taste strawberry.a little. And same here Im thinking this mix would be done with an additional 4%tpa strawberry not ripe.
But I'm still steeping this mix so we will see. In the mean time. I'm gonna drop this here because its pretty fucking good imo.....

And ill post real notes mabey when im done... but

Tpa carm og. 0.75-1
Fa custard 2-3
Taste like custard with wet caremel sauce really nothing more to see here mix this and keep moving along

This is pretty good. Probably won't be my final version but this is worth posting here
I was going for a blueberry funnel crumble
I added lemon after I tasted it (without) just for the hell of adding lemon to it. Tunred out to really interact with the blueberry very well

Cap funnel cake
Just a good well balanced/rounded base at 4% imo

Inw bis
I added this at 1% for the (crumble)

Fa cookie./tpa marsh
This her give us the the center of the cake/doe the part thats not crumbly and overall gives the profile a good mouth feel

Tpa bbx just a good blueberry
And 1%
Fa bilberry will help it stay in the mix

Fa lemon sis
Like i said earlier I added the last minute. And im glad I did it does something wonderful with the blueberry


It's razz not much more to say about this.
It works well. Super sweet is optional
This also really pops. With 1% fa sour wizard

I haven't single flavor test most of these flavors so i dont have great notes for them. I'm sorry. But here's what i do know.

Cap blue jam... is kinda gross. Pretty floral and just plain wierd. I normaly dont like the way regular blueberry turns out in a razz mix like fw or tpa blueberry so i just randomly thought mabey cap blue jam could work. And to my suprise it did.. It's super strong and pungent and i though that might be pretty useful because....

Inw rasp. There is absuletly no doubt in my mind that it in blue jolly ranchers. I love it its good it smells amazing but anything over 1 percent will over power nearly anything imo. But i always long for more inw rasp in a mix and thats where the blue jam comes into play.
I wanted I kind of balanced the inw rasp and cap blue jam. Then built everything els apround them.. they work good together since there both really strong and pungent.

I've been working on this complex recipie for a while now. I'm pretty satisfied with this being the final. Mix enjoy.

Cap funnel cake
Imo a very accurate funnel cake 4-5% is best when going for funnel cake as the main profile. It's pretty accurate imo.

Fa zeppola. This adds a little more dough to the funnel cake a little bit of sweet sugar notes as well

Cap sweet cream/marsh... Sweet cream is here just to make the over all flavor a little creamy. And marsh is just for the sweetness and mouthfeel.

Fa fuji/tpa caramel
Can be tasted inhale and exhale they both sit at the front of this profile and really top off this mix.

You can shake and vape is good but Fuji and caremel bent a lot after full steep.
1 week smells and taste wierd the dough really comes out a little too much.
2 weeks its spot on and awesone

Just threw this together.
Snv. Is so promising I think ill post up
Can't imagine anything terrible happening during the steep.

CAP funnel cake -imo this flavoring is really accurate I like using it at 4%but I wanted it to shine in this recipie so i did 5% with 2%

CAP sugar cookie. This is just a great bakery flavoring for any bakery imo. It's pretty darn versitile. I used it hear because i didn't want to take the funnel cake any higher. So my thinking is sugar cookie will really add to and round out the funnel cake. Add a little shugarness and take the final mix more into the bakery profile. Because who doesn't like blue bakery.

LA CCI - why the fuck not.

TTA/Fw- I chose tpa bb extra at 4% because imo blueberry extra is a little dry and i think that might translate well is this profile. I added 3% FW blueberry because......... It's FW BLUEBERRY why the fuck not

More like flan especially with the wet caramel sauce...

Snv, its so surprising I can taste the wetness of the caramel

1 week steep. Not much has changed it all mellowed down and came together. But nothing special has changed.

Ps. Sorry I fking suck at notes


Inspired by vape storm illusion
When I first started dripping I was hooked on that for a long time and it's probably my fav because it just stands out to me... idk if i will end here or not. I allready have a v2 there both very good but very diferent and i think i like v1 more..

Cap vanilla custard just a simple base
Tpa bavcream/cheesegraham =a thick dense milky flavor that melds the custard and top note well
The Top note being fa up at 2%

Just trying to recreate that picture.. for my mouth. Starting off easy and simple. But i just tryed this after a week. And damn. .its pretty good

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