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Tastes like a Toscano Cigar smells, with just a touch of caramel and some nuttiness. Not smoky or ashy at all.


*NR MANGO is Drip Hacks Mango.

MORE WORDS... and some more words.

Started as something light. fruity and cold (no hazelnut, 1% for each mint), but i felt like it needed a bit of a twist and some body so in comes FW Hazelnut.
WS-23 to taste. I like it @2%, 30%.

  • I was mixing 30mls and just vaping straight in a couple days, just let some sit for 10~12 days and it's so much better, super clean mint with a fruity undertone and a blast of cold, just awesome.

Really smooth, but bold and spicy, dessert tobacco.

I needed more words, sorry.

INW Custard and FA Caramel - they add a little bit extra caramel, while bringing a bit more body.
FA, HS and TPA Ry4/1 - TPAs all alone is dirty, but not tobacco-y enough. FAs is cleaner and that's exactly it's problem. Hangsen just to bring that classic hangsen tobacco note.
TPA Brown Sugar - i can't really explain but i really dig how it works with RY4d, makes everything a bit darker.
FA Mts Wizz - The mix didn't really work before i threw this in, just blends it all together.

A couple weeks should do ya. It gets a bit fuller the more you steep it, but starts losing some 'bite' after the 2nd/3rd week.


V2 Dropped TPA RY4D, upped both FA RY4 and HS RY1

This recipe used to be shit - let's see how 2.0 goes.

User: CCivinski Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
*Had no Cap VC so subbed Inw Custard @2.25%* I try everything I mix right after a shake and almost trashed this one, it's awful fresh. After three weeks it's AMAZING, It's rich but not too much, sweet but not too much. This is easily one of the best recipes i've ever tried. Thank you so much!
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