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Very simple recipe if your thing is graham cracker lol.

Jaws by Hold Fast was and still is a popular E-Liquid on the market today. Long story short, I have been tackling quote on quote clone recipes for a LONG time now. Mostly having the time working in the industry and having the privilege of working in a mixing lab for about 7 years. Now saying that, a good friend that I work with is just plain obssesed with this liquid (Watermelon Jawbreaker). So I decided to take a crack at it, with all this time being in a lab, why not right.

Starting off with what I thought was evident enough of being the main profile was FW Watermelon, and the second ingredient obviously FW Jawbreaker or now known as Jaw Breaking Candy. I've used FW Watermelon so many times and know the taste anytime it's in a recipe. This as everyone probably knows is damn strong, like needing to change the seals on your tank or rda strong. After playing around ALOT with this profile it would come close or maybe around 80-85% to the actual recipe, but their was just something missing that I could not figure out, until using FW Hard Candy..
I hit a road block that i simply couldn't get around like 100% of the time trying to take on a "clone". Most of the time when in stuck I'll just pick up flavors off the shelf and start to smell them and finger tasting. As soon as I picked up and wiped the dust off of FW Hard Candy, smelling and tasting...it hit me! Hard Candy has the same Watermelon in it that is FW Watermelon, but it also has it's own unique taste. So after scrapping FW Watermelon completely it automatically took the recipe to up about 90%...but.. yes the part where their is still just something missing...of course. Mind you at this point it's just a 2 flavor recipe, and the sweetener of course. Now, it was all about tweaking the recipe again and again and again. This time it was a little harder to try to figure out what was missing to make the recipe what it is. So adding some TFA Ethyl Maltol to the mix it really helped to "blend" the recipe and make it more copisthetic. Yet it was still quite not there. After some time with playing around with %s I decided to try cranking the flavors up a little higher then I normally would like, around 10%. Too much for The Hard Candy, but when I reversed it and jacked up the Jaw Breaker, it suddenly all came together. For some reason, JawBreaker at 10% just worked and changed into what it seems to have been missing. Why? I'm not sure, but it worked. Now for trying to get it where it needed to be I added .5% of TFA Ethyl Maltol and for me personally .75% of CAP Super Sweet is not too much or too little. Also, going any higher than .5% with the Ethyl Maltol seemed to make it a little harsh for whatever reason, so I would just leave it at .5%.
So, i do hope you all enjoy this recipe and I'll continue to try to tackle "clones" because i enjoy the challenge. I do really feel this recipe to me, is about 94-96% to the original. Taste is subjective again, but again i hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!🍻

Reminiscent of the classic cereal (honey bunches of oats) with some ice cold milk.

It's a Banana Cream Pie- not much else to say.
NOTE- add sweetener or not I think it's better with .5 Cap SS but that's just me. Enjoy!


Straight up Srawberries plain and simple. I know a lot of people and some people I know cannot taste strawberries for whatever reason so I decided to just really pound in the strawberries in this one. TFA Dragonfruit is the emulsifier as well as the TFA Lemon, to really let the vividness and the realness come out. If you are a person who has a hard time tasting strawberries, you should really give this a go! NOTE: Of course a little sweetener wouldn't hurt for obvious reasons so add as much as you like or just don't bother. I prefer sweetener in everything i Vape, but I know a lot of us don't. .5 CAP SS is what I'd recommend or even 1% f you want to get crazy. ENJOY!

The infamous... Strawberries and Cream... So in every mixers arsenal you know they have a S&C recipeand if not, that's just fucking weird because who doesn't?! I LOVE strawberries and who doesn't, unless you have an allergy to them. Ill have to crave wanting to Vape something with strawberries for the most part, and my go to is creams like it is for a lot of people. This took a lot of tweaking and playing around to get it where I wanted, and thats how TFA White Chocolate found its place in this recipe along with lemon. Both of these flavorings gave it that special kick I felt it needed. This one took a lot of work so I hope you guys enjoy it!

NOTE: You can use any PG that you regularly use.

Another cookies N cream. This is pretty good right off the rip, but benefits from a week steep like most recipes with cream. Tried at first with CAP GCV1 but it wasnt that great, you think V1 would be better but , with this recipe its alot better with V2. If you dont have V2, V1 will work but, doesnt carry what it needs from V1. Hope yall enjoy!


This is a very smooth and simple vape. Very direct and to the point. I use sweetener in mine but, you really dont need it. Feel free to add as much or as little sweetnes that you like. Hope you enjoy!

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