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Strap-on a Kiwi!!!
Well fam, i thought that I would throw my hat in the ring with this whole Strap-on thing so here it is.I have really enjoyed this one so I thought someone else might as well.... As with most fruits you can shake and vape but a lil steep with help to take the edge off, especially the fuji!!! I add 1% TFA sweetener but that is upto you guys!


I know, I know, just another iteration of mikes melons! But, the strawberry really tones down the Papaya which I've always thought was a little overpowering in the original... Great shake and vape... I think it's awesome! Give it a shot! Sweetener to liking.

User: Burgster Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Just mixed up a 10 ml batch. Took 1 pull, and mixed a 120! freakin amazing!!! Kudos kind sir!
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