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This is a Remaster of one of the first multi-faceted recipes i made and is the first success i ever had.

i wasn't chasing any specific profile with it i just threw a bunch of flavours i liked together and kinda hoped for the best.
this profile very quickly turned into my all day vape and is still my go to when i don't feel like anything in particular.

The inspiration of this flavour is an all time favourite of mine from the bakery, A scrumptious morning tea treat that is the Bee Sting.

So far i think I've gotten the creamy filling worked out and the sweetness of the topping but i'm lacking the roasted nut top.
I've found that RF Baked bread has given this mix that baked note and parted a slight breadiness to it.
The TFA Brown Sugar gives a nice caramelised sugar sweetness that i'm enjoying.
I've used Cap Sweet Cream and Golden Butter to try and create that thick creaminess of the filling and the addition of TFA Honey imparts a nice floral note.

i will be continuing to develop this further as i'm able to, in the hope i can create something magical.

this mix will need 2 maybe even 3 weeks steep for the flavours to come through just right

A mouth watering blueberry butter cookie.

Since first getting FW Blueberry I knew that I wanted to find a way to use it to its full potential. In my single flavour test I found it to be a very bright and fresh flavour that was very Morrish.

I knew from previous trials that JF Boysenberry was a very juicy flavour and I'm not disappointed in how it's rounded off the Blueberry and given it a wetness.

Although the CAP Sugar Cookie would of been fine by itself I wanted to up the ante a bit and try for a butter cookie profile.

I was aiming to get as close as possible to my wife's old family recipe and once again I'm not disappointed with the result.

I find that the CAP Golden Butter adds a certain fullness to the mix and brings the other flavours together.

This vape goes well with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

My only regret with this mix is not making a bigger batch as I'm going through it like nothing else.

Edit: After retesting a steeping batch increased steep time to 14 days.

After two weeks the Blueberry has developed nicely but to me the cookie has dropped back so i've increased it to 3%

A creamy custard pie with a boysenberry twist. This vape goes down oh so smooth and will have you coming back for more.

After a short steep period the boysenberry falls slightly behind the custard and brings the apple out.

It's good after just a couple of days steep but probably needs a good two weeks for the bakery and custard to pop.

Banana cheesecake and ice cream

A Scrumptious Banana Cheese Cake. Ive found this to be very good after 10 days but feel it could be better with more steep time

I've got fond memories of the old style musk sticks i used to get from the corner store growing up. while i found the TPA Musk Candy as a stand alone flavour brought back those memories i felt that it needed a little sweetness and creaminess to round it out. i added the CAP Super Sweet to take some of the tartness out and the CAP Sweet Cream to add a creamy mouth feel to replicate to softness of the old style soft musk sticks.

Tastes similar to a butter menthol lozenge

A refreshing ice cream spider with banana ice cream and a hint of coconut.

I got my inspiration for this recipe from fond childhood memories of enjoying ice cream sodas on hot afternoons and the smooth creamy coolness of a scoop of ice cream floating in the sweet tangyness of my favourite soft drink.

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