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Finally feeling comfortable to release to the world.

Give it a few days of a steep, everything needs to come together and while it is shake and vapable (as with everything if you can like it), I don't recommend it. The Glaze portion needs time to develop and come forward, while the Dough portion needs time to settle.

This is a collaboration recipe by myself and /u/ID10-T to create a more realistic glazed doughnut for those that can't stand the pre made concentrate flavors (tasting like play-doh).

I don't know what else to say on this folks. This recipe has seen more than 15 revisions, but I lost count and started over at some point.

This final revision I found some old notes on FA Almond, and worked it in and wow, it helped. I previously tried INW Marzipan but it was too much, the Almond is what's up. Adding the TFA Marshmallow in for more sweetness and adding to that wet mouthfeel was clutch.

EDIT 8/30/16
After a couple weeks the almond came throug too much so I toned it down.

FW cinnamon roll


Delicious. Needs minimum of a week steep cap on in the dark.

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FW cinnamon roll

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