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Juicy peaches and sweet mangoes.

Peach and mango is a match made in heaven. A bit of jelly candy to sweeten things up a bit and make it pop. A bit of vanilla bean ice cream to tie everything together and give the juice a smooth texture in the mouth.

Mix it up and enjoy ✌️

This is my favourite juice that I have made so far.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s pretty sweet.

(TPA) grape juice and (TPA) grape candy go well together to make a fairly synthetic/candy grape flavour. (CAP) jelly candy assists with this. I don’t really know what to say about (TPA) black currant... I suppose it’s kind of like Ribena and helps to round the flavour off nicely, I think. You can take or leave the koolada. That’s really a personal choice. It doesn’t alter the flavour profile, but I think it helps to make the whole thing pop.

You could use this as a shake and vape... I do. But I also usually make a second (bigger) batch to let it steep. I don’t usually touch that bottle until about 2 weeks.

Mix this one up, you will not regret it. As always, enjoy, and let me know how you feel about it.

Peace ✌️

Take me back to the 90’s! Big M Choc Milk!

Allow at least two weeks to steep if you want the juice to be nice and creamy.

Mix it up leave me some feedback ✌️

A simple banana recipe. This is not a doughnut flavour, although I’ve used doughnut profiles. The banana profile pushes to the front and the other flavours just play a supporting role.

This juice tastes better after about 2 weeks of steeping, but it’s not too bad on the shake ‘n’ vape side of things.

Please mix it up and leave some feedback. ✌️

A traditional lemonade with a fruity twist and a refreshing cool exhale.

Add sweetener to taste.

Please leave some feedback 😊

Choc-mint slice, just like Grandma used to make.

I have been through a few versions of this flavour and still feel as though it’s not quite finished.

This has a strong biscuit flavour, a rich chocolate note, and a lingering freshness from the mint. The creaminess tends to get lost a bit behind the biscuit, but I’ve used it to try to tie all of the flavours together.

Please give me your feedback 😊

Strawberry banana custard.

With this flavour, I really wanted the banana to shine and for the strawberry to add a touch of sweetness. I added a bit of dragonfruit to give the strawberry a bit of a sweet-ripe quality to it. I used the custard and French vanilla deluxe to hopefully provide a bit of density.

Please give me some feedback :-)

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