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A bright Raspberry recipe with plenty of mouth feel. Although a dark fruit, it's brightened by a touch of lemon lime and (optional) sweetener. Just a taste of black currant to darken the berry notes without taking the whole recipe over. It's great off the shake, but I recommend giving it a day or two, optimally three days for everything to congeal appropriately. I squonk alot lately, so I've recommended a 65% VG mixture, but the flavor will withstand max VG for those of you who are so inclined.

It's a simple recipe and should give a good representation on an easy method to brighten darker fruits, allowing more flavor and depth to be uncovered in any device. I've tested with single coil, dual coil and tanks and it holds up well. Crystal clear and not bad on the coils. I hope you enjoy it. I've also tried it with a number of cooling concentrates with good success. I prefer Flavorah's cool menthol @ .5 and FW Extreme Ice @ 1%, but surely any ws-23/koolada clone would work, but beware of some slight muting.

Throughout development of this recipe, I had written RA on the side of my bottles, indicating Raspberry. Over time I just started calling it Ra. On a whim, it's been dubbed Amun Ra, after the egyptian god.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian. There’s more to his life than just death.

Dr. Kevorkian was exotic. Sometimes eating many many sandwiches in a single sitting. Because of this, and his innate ability to kill the nearly departed, some people called him a fruit. But the good doctor of death didn’t hide in the forest like so many Ewoks, instead he stood in the light like a sweet hand of merciful fate until his patients corpses were strawberry ripe. Personally, I think that’s pretty cool.

This is a story about Jack and his extraordinary quest to create the perfect love serum that would increase the libido and extend the life for those in which he would soon euthanize. It’s also story about his one true love. The meat sandwich.

Those with the testicular fortitude to move forward and try this recipe, will be substantially rewarded. For those of you who know, exotic is a very strange concentrate. It really morphs and becomes something different after a good long steep. I did create this recipe with the intention of zero days steep. However, if you let it sit, the flavor will mature and become quite a bit more complex.

Enjoy. Born.

From the website:

Rise on Ice by Ruthless Vapor e liquid is a tasty cool vape blended with mouthwatering mangos and Lychee. The magnificent combination of fruit and menthol is a must vape.

I’ve been working on perfecting this for a while. Originally inspired by @Fuminoid’s remix of the non menthol version from IG.

Shake and vape. I mix it 70/30 with nicotine river salts around 3mg. I’m using purlium’s ws-3.

Enjoy. Born.


Problem solved. Complex tobacco flavor with just 3 ingredients.

Nice rich tobacco comes from the burley. Add some dark notes and caramel with ry4 double, and finish it off with some dark honey notes. Add more burley if you wanna taste that ash, but I wouldn’t recommend over 4%. Let it steep.

Enjoy. Born.

A sweet cool menthol without the bite. Imagine peppermint candy. Great for the upcoming warmer seasons. Simple to mix, easy to love.

The only required ingredient is extreme ice at 3-5%. Flavorah ice is a sweet and non aggressive menthol, while flavorah’s cool menthol is the real elephant in the room. I also add some super sweet cos I think it makes everything a little better.



A delicious, thick creamy whipped strawberry cream in yo mouth. Get some.


Adapted from Wayne’s Swedish fish recipe. Subbed fish for bears, added some cream. Fucking delicious.


Do yourself a favor.
All flavorah concentrates mix. Go max vg. With nicotine you can pull off 95% or more depending on your strength. Make big white clouds again like it’s 2017 :)

Needs steep. Very sharp on the tongue for the first couple of days. Takes time for the flavorings to blend with the thick shit. Your mileage may vary with added pg. Still. It’ll be better with a few days on the shelf. If you wanna go even softer, try it with 1% tpa fresh cream or even .25% flavorah sweet cream, but TPA’s is pretty fucking stellar at smoothing out sharp edges.

What you get? Pink Guava with an authentic peach backnote.

Part of my point blank series of single or dual flavor recipes. I don’t consider sweetener a flavor. I consider it a requisite. :) More simple recipes coming.


A strange blend of fruit that really becomes something completely different. Sweetener optional, menthol optional. Citrus menthol could be swapped out for .35-.5 koolada or the same volume ws23 / ws3. Lychee could be swapped out with tfa lychee @3-4%.

A sweet Apple pie filling right out of the fucking can, just like mom never made.

Get some.


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Two week steep for best results.
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