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Adapted from Wayne’s Swedish fish recipe. Subbed fish for bears, added some cream. Fucking delicious.


Do yourself a favor.
All flavorah concentrates mix. Go max vg. With nicotine you can pull off 95% or more depending on your strength. Make big white clouds again like it’s 2017 :)

Needs steep. Very sharp on the tongue for the first couple of days. Takes time for the flavorings to blend with the thick shit. Your mileage may vary with added pg. Still. It’ll be better with a few days on the shelf. If you wanna go even softer, try it with 1% tpa fresh cream or even .25% flavorah sweet cream, but TPA’s is pretty fucking stellar at smoothing out sharp edges.

What you get? Pink Guava with an authentic peach backnote.

Part of my point blank series of single or dual flavor recipes. I don’t consider sweetener a flavor. I consider it a requisite. :) More simple recipes coming.

A strange blend of fruit that really becomes something completely different. Sweetener optional, menthol optional. Citrus menthol could be swapped out for .35-.5 koolada or the same volume ws23 / ws3. Lychee could be swapped out with tfa lychee @3-4%.

A sweet Apple pie filling right out of the fucking can, just like mom never made.

Get some.


Black Currant is the star of the fucking show here folks. Flavorahs peach gummy adds body and shisha vanilla smooths out the edges. It’s absolutely perfect.

Sounds weird, but what you’ll make is a really smooth, creamy and full bodied black currant.

It’s very very good, if you’re into black currant lol.


Icy Trio by Yami Vapor is the third flavor introduced into the Yami Vapor E-Juice line, following the bestseller, Taruto. Icy Trio presents a refreshing "trio" of strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

This is my fifth revision of icy trio and it’s getting closer. Please feel free to feedback me, I’d love your input! This is a work in progress.


A simple delicious crack at a mandarin vanilla thing. It’s fluffy and light. Feel free to play with sweetener levels, I found .06 super sweet to be bright without overpowering with sweetness.



From @fumonoid on instagram. I’m a fan of donkey Kahn and this is spot on. Enjoy!

Per the abstrakt site:

The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas , blended into a light milk and cream base. It's literally like vaping a smoothie.

Found at ELR. Direct link:


Flavor description from ELR

If you like gummy bears then you will love this because it tastes just like a gummy bear!! Its a snv with a very delightful fruity gummy bear inhale and candy flavor with no off notes at all. you wont be disappointed. It has a full mouth flavor and will keep you wanting more!

I added super sweet but that wasn’t part of jazzys recipe. Feel free to adjust or remove it if you’d like! It really doesn’t need it but I’m a sucker for sweetener.

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Two week steep for best results.
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