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I know there are hundreds of fruit and cream recipes out there, and most are delicious. I've tried, and enjoyed several of them.
There are also cream bases, and stones. Ever since I acquired CC Devon Cream, I had wanted to find other creams to blend with it.
After mixing a few different ones together, I have found what I've been looking for!
I chose FLV Boysenberry because to me; it's delicious! Truth be known; you could probably insert any fruit in here and it'll work.
The creams that follow are some of my favorite, and in my opinion; blend very well together. FLV Cream is delightful, and thick. FA Cream Fresh offers a thin, more dairy like note. CC Devon Cream is amazing, and is like no other. It can be used by itself, and if you like creams; it's a MUST HAVE!
Finally, I added a touch of FA Vienna Cream. After a 10 day steep, FA Vienna Cream is simply delicious.
To me; they all seem to blend well, and with a little help from FLV Boysenberry' they make one hell of an amazing tasting vape!
I'm a sucker for a good cream, and a big Wu-Tang fan.
I suggest a 10 day steep.

I'm a donut junky, and I really enjoy a good dessert vape from time to time.
This has been a labor of love for me for quite some time now. I combined WF Glazed Donut SC, and FA Zeppola for a donut base. I threw in FLV Pound Cake for a more "cakey" feel. I added LA Cream Cheese Icing and FLV Milk And Honey for kind of a "Yin and Yang" sweetness; cream cheese icing being the light, and milk and honey being the dark for a flavorful sweetness. The CAP Super Sweet is something that can be discarded, but I used it for a glazed effect.
Steep for at least 7 days, but I recommend 10-14.

A very simple 4 flavor banger!
FA Black Currant and FA Forest Fruit work really well to add a berry taste to the AMAZING, citrus/yogurt taste of VT Yoghurt Drink. I really like TPA Vanilla Swirl in here to tame, or smooth out some of the lemon notes.


A simple, smooth dessert RY4.
Holy Vanilla is a BEAST! I love vanilla, and Holy Vanilla is a rich, unique offering in the vanilla realm. The Sweet Cream, and Vanilla Swirl were added to smooth out, and induce the flow; while the RY4 Double provides that rich, caramel/light RY4 groove. All seem to blend very well together, and top off a great meal!
You can enjoy this after 5-7 days, but I like it after 2 weeks.


Temps are dropping, and the holiday season is rapidly approaching!
This is a simple 5 flavor recipe to ease into all the festivities; just sit back, and enjoy.
All 5 flavors seem to meld together quite nicely, and compliment each other; like a family gathering, where everyone likes one another (strange, right?).
The Biscuit was added for solidity, and plays rather nicely with the Eggnog and Hazelnut. The Vanilla Pudding gives a nice hug to everything, and the Vanilla Swirl is that aunt or uncle that is welcome everywhere!

It's starting to get a little cooler, and the leaves are starting to cover the ground, here in Tennessee.
Autumn definitely inspired me to create this recipe. The custard base used in this recipe is Fresh03's quick base using LB Vanilla Ice Cream, and Flv Vanilla Pudding. I do enjoy a good tobacco vape, but to me the Holy, Holy Grail RY4 flavoring is more of a subtle caramel, and the FA Butterscotch helps enhance that caramel note. I use TPA Kettle Corn, and Flv Popcorn for the corn notes. I don't have FA Corn, but I think these two do a decent job for a very subtle corn note.
You can enjoy this after a 7 day steep, but I recommend a full 2 weeks.

I've tried a few pineapple mixes, but was never really satisfied. This recipe smooths out the "loud" notes I usually get with pineapple, and adds a nice creamy groove.

Who doesn't enjoy a short stack of waffles on a Saturday/Sunday morning?
I used LB Belgian Waffle, TPA Waffle (Belgian), and FW Waffle because the three seem to work so well together. I actually got the idea from Noted on Youtube (I LOVE that show).
The JF Biscuit adds a bit of stability, while the FW Yellow Cake brings a little body.
Let this steep for 2-3 weeks, and enjoy!
Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

A tweaked version of Fear's Cardinal, using Fresh03's custard base.
A smooth, flavorful vape to enjoy after meals, or after saving Middle Earth from destruction!

User: Bonezmcnasty Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
A really well done peach cobbler! The bakery notes are present, and work hand in hand with the peach; which is present, but not overpowering. Well done, Shark Lord!
User: Bonezmcnasty Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Excellent fruity cereal mix, without the lemon! Really good right off the shake. Very well done, guys!
User: Bonezmcnasty Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I'm really digging this one! I ordered what I was missing to mix this, and was not disappointed. The Native, and Turkish are spot on in this mix; while the Vanilla Ruyan Custard, and Vanilla Custard bring a nice thickness. I plan on mixing another 60ml bottle very soon! Thanks guys!
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