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Wait a minute... wait a minute... hold the phone... I cracked the code. I found the answer that all diyers are looking for. I created the perfect recipe. We can all stop diying now because this is the recipe we were all looking for, even if you didn't know it. Mix it now while you can because as soon as Big Vapor finds out about this, they are going to shut it down. They are gonna take me out. But you know what? Even with knowing that, I am still willing to share this with you because it is just that good. I am really serious about this next statement, this recipe is simply delicious!

This recipe was completely inspired by kriswk's dillinger's dairy. I dropped the pistachio and the holy vanilla and added the most amazing flavor Flv Vanilla Bean. This is amazing. It has become my all day work vape, which means 8 to 10 hours a day vaping only one setup. I thank Kriswk and Flavorah because very little effort on my behalf went into this amazing recipe.

Jam Monster was never my favorite liquid, but after discovering Wonder Flavors Croissant, I had to try for the remix. That buttered croissant can easily be interpreted as buttered toast and it is the defining flavor in Jam Monster! I started with 2% but unlike most other flavors, the more you add the more present it is. As for the blueberry, I've tried just about every combo. After hearing Wayne praise HS Blueberry, I had to try it, and he was not wrong! Juicy Strawberry in this mix pairs with the blueberries very well and in this case, it adds a candy quality to the jam. I may not love Jam Monster, but the remix is delicious while staying similar to the original!

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