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Description: I have been mixing since February 2016. I started vaping in January 2016 so I could kick the cigarette habit. It was a successful transition. I bought 1 15ml bottle of juice from my local shop and realized I could make my own a hell of a lot cheaper than buying from shops. I love DIY , I DIY everything I can to keep cost down and to gain knowledge and skill. EJuice is now a DIY powerhouse for me along with making coils. I love it and will keep doing it for as long as possible.
Interests: Sweet liquids. Gaming. Good shows and movies. Women.
Location: Wabash, Indiana

12 Shared E-Liquid Recipes found

Hey, did you ever want to hold a terry fold?

Smooth with a hint of cherry. Vanilla tahity brings out the best flavor here tieing it all together into a mellow tasty vape. Liquid amber to give it a hint of that much sought after exhale aftertaste.

This is a smooth buttery chocolate vape. Thick and milky mouthfeel and smooth chocolate exhale. INW milk chocolate brings in the CAP vanilla custard making this smooth and tasty. Cap sweet cream and golden butter brings out the custard making it smooth on the inhale. TPA Graham cracker gives it a hint of Graham to complement the chocolate.

Best after 5 to 7 days steep!

This is just a simple Root Beer float. TPA VBIC is great in combination with their root Beer.

Shake and Vape
This is a simple but authentic banana taffy . Sweet and tasty much like the candy.

Shake and Vape
This is a delicate mix on melons. Honeydew with the accent of watermelon to round out a sweet and tasty melon vape. Juicy lemon was added to help bring the other flavors forward and taste more authentic. Supersweet was used to round off the tartness of the watermelon and give it a sweeter more flavorful mouth feel.

Shake and Vape
This is an authentic peppermint taffy. Like grabbing from the candy dish during the holidays. Chewy , minty and cool.

This is a simple, delicious strawberry lemonade. Harnessing the power of Real Flavor's super concentrated strawberry lemonade with a touch of Flavor Art's lemon sicily for added authenticity. Topped off with a bit of sweetener for that delicious homemade lemonade taste.
You can add 1 drop per 5ml of Koolada for the cooling effect of a chilled drink.

1 drop of Koolada per 5 to 10mls.

This is a savory mix of my favorite summer time fruits. No extra sweetener was added, I believe this has helped with the authenticity of the taste from these fresh fruits.

Dragon fruit was added to help blend the fruits, juicy lemon is used to enhance the fruit flavors.

Best after 3 to 7 days steep.

Shake and Vape!

This is a delicious soft butterscotch cookie drizzled with Caramel. Buttery, delicious Caramel on the inhale, light buttery cookie mouthfeel and a butterscotch exhale. Mix this and enjoy your new all day vape!

User: Blackblade Score: 4 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Great recipe. Has a distinct chocolate cookie flavor for me , not exactly oreos but maybe the generic chocolate cookies I get at the dollar store. Either way its delicious and I love it.
User: Blackblade Score: 4 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I really enjoy apple recipes because of this recipe right here. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your victory !
User: Blackblade Score: 4 Entered: almost 4 years ago
This is pretty damn good. Smooth creamy intake with a light sweet caramel exhale. I really enjoy this one !
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