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This one started after a friend of mine wanted a menthol that would 'blow his head off', so I made him one, and it did. Once he recovered he said he loved the taste but it was way too strong, could I calm it down a bit? So I did. Then he asked if I could calm it a bit more and it became this, his ADV for well over a year now.
For me it's a nice menthol vape to clear your pipes, I use it as a reset for my taste buds when my flavours start to lessen.

Cheesecake trinity with a little Sugar Cookie thrown in. VT Chocolate Mousse gets a little boost with CAP Super Sweet to give a nice chocolatey topping.


OOO Cream (MU), FA cream fresh along with TPA Vanilla Swirl and CAP cake batter makes up the creamy milkshake taste and texture. After many attempts at getting the banana right, l settled on a trio, VT Banana custard (it's a cream NOT a custard) pairs well with TPA Banana Cream, I added just a touch of MB Soft Banana because I just love the extra it brings. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I find it difficult to put down. Works straight off the shake but really comes into it's own after a couple of days.

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