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What a great time I had crafting multiple variations of the basket ingredients. It was definitely a challenging experience, but what I finally settled on to present to the judges is a Maple Infused Apple Berry Brulee.

The Brulee is simply a baked custard. This is why I chose (I know...I know) CAP Vanilla Custard v1. Adding to the "baked" feel, I wanted a little more volume and sweetness to the custard - this is why I chose to add TPA Toasted Marshallow. I felt it was the perfect amount of "burnt" sweetness to play nicely with the custard. Adding in CAP CDS adds to the overall appeal of the custard while also giving the custard more of a rich spice.

Making the custard a little more playful, this is where the Apple-Berry combination comes into play. Image marinating freshly cut apple slices and strawberry slices in a bath of maple syrup. After a nice long marination period, this mixture is then intertwined within the custard mixture and then placed into the oven until completion. This is the experience I get with my vape.

I wanted to step outside of the box a little bit and add another layer of complexity within this baked custard mix. This is where the idea of adding maple came in to play. FA Maple is a flavor that can easily overpower a mix, but with the various basket ingredients it was easier to go on the higher side of the recommended percentage to allow it to be a relatively front-forward note.

I hope you all enjoy ... win or lose - I had a blast!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Apple/Tobacco Spiced Custard. Mouth-watering good!
Steep: 1 week minimum. Some prefer shake and vape, but typical custard and tobaccos take time to develop.
Mix: 70/30
The Base:
Vanilla Custard (CAP) - This is the obvious base note for the flavor profile. Creating a thick velvety layer of Vanilla for the rest of the flavors to mingle with was the objective here.

French Vanilla Creme (TPA) - This flavor was used as an accent to the Vanilla Custard to boost the creaminess as well as the Vanilla profiles. This gives the custard another layer of complexity while not overpowering the staple custard notes.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) - Another accent to the base. Giving this a low percentage allows for a present cinnamon note with just a touch extra to the cream. A little goes a long way within this recipe.

Ethyl Maltol (TPA) optional - Once again - Just a touch of sweetness to brighten the cream layers as well as boosting the overall appeal of the vape.

The Main Notes:
RY4 Double (TPA) - This tobacco is such a versatile RY4. It's tobacco notes add a nice earthy tone as well as provides a delicious caramelized brown sugar sweetness that sits so well on top of the Vanilla Custard base. Using this at 3% allows it to shine but not overpower any other ingredient.

Torrone (FA) - This flavor is used more of an enhancer to the RY4. Finding the perfect percentage was key, but it was absolutely a must for this recipe. It offers a nice honey sweetness as well as a nice nut profile that (to me) is a match made in heaven for the RY4.

Two Apples (INW) - This is where this recipe shines for the fall season. To me, this gives off a nice Apple Cider kick. The CDS in the base notes sets this profile off. It also gives high notes of Sweet Red apple sweetness as well as a nice tang from the green apple.

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