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This is a fantastic Black currant Astaire Vape that I have been vaping all day every day for prolly 2 months now, very odd for me as I switch all day every day, but this is a keeper IMO, not bad on coil’s either, my Kylin Mesh lasts all week before cleaning, not the cheapest mix I agree due to the RA but damn it’s worth it 😉
I use Lauren coloured grape for that purple colour and Chefs Choice Blackcurrant as it’s a great candy flavour but use any Blackcurrant you enjoy, DH is another good variety but ovs more expensive,
Vape Love


5 days in and this is blending nicely,
Nice creamy custard with a slight back note of tobacco and nuttiness.

A creamy vanilla custard with a good dollop of banana, and a lovely slightly salted peanut butter back note,
Must steep for 2 weeks ish for the peanut butter to mellow, over powering from the off, I've not found a substitute for Hangsen PB, its V Good...
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 👌

Use Sexy Mango by Reka but isn't listed,
I'm mango mad at the moment and loving REK flavours, sexy mango has a slight chill to it but feel free to add ws23 if you need more, it's also v strong and imo WF banana candy Is the best banana out there,
Its banana heavy with a touch of mango (low mint ;)) with a back note of coconut (evolves after a few days) Marshmallow just to blend/add sweetness.
Loving this atm 👌


I just love Lemon Meringue Pie, eating it and vaping it so always have a version knocking around, this is my best version thus far.... not dissimilar to that well known "premium" brand after a couple of days, it's actually pretty good of the shake but from 3 days it really starts to shine, my mix is only 4 days old so can't comment how it steep out but imo it's v v good for my tastes... very sweet so if that makes your teeth hurt perhaps leave out the ss and add if need be....
All ingredients are needed, no subs possible, well obviously you can sub anything but it won't taste like this version 😉
Mix it and try it... don't think you will be disappointed,
Big'O ✌

My first experience with Hard Crack Toffee, it smells super potent so starting at 1, LB ice cream is a short steep and very good imo, boosted the vanilla with Holy Vanilla and give the cream a leg up with the FA, added CCGC as an after thought as I thought it needed a touch of crunch, Tastes good off the shake... hopefully it doesn't get too heavy 😏

Been trying to replicate this from the day it came out... off and on anyway, this is the closest so far... not perfect but a nice vape for me with a simular profile, nice low % and can be SnV but obviously gets better/smoother I shall continue my improvements 👊

After being hooked on Nom Nomz Monkey Brek i decided to try a version i enjoy for myself..
Now im not a huge fan of Banana vapes as they always taste chemicly or like foams eughhhh so this is light on the Banana but you still get a good flavour from it, I found FW Banana a great all round banana, Shisha was a close second but tasted a little to candy/foams to me but feel free to swap it if thats what you prefer, Now if youve had Monkey Brek youll know its all about the biscuit... i have tried lots of variations but this one just got better.... This was also my first venture with VTA Buscuit base and it didnt really add much straight off but i think its a steeper so i left it in...
Also 0.5 Super Sweet sounds a lot but its not sickly sweet... if your worried try starting lower....
Hope you enjoy as much as i am :)

A basic low percentage custard without using Cap V1, something I tried and actually it's a good stand-alone or great base for some fruits...
I can drip this after a night's rest but obviously gets better with age ;)

So just lately I've been craving some old school flavours, Looper was one of my favourites, a lot of people say they get Lemon Pledge from fruit circles but I love it.... something twangy in that lemon that sparkles, berry crunch is just a great flavour in this recipe and unmistakable but I also added some FA Breakfast to give the cereal a boost, this mix in my mech squonk and wasp is just a evening of bliss 👌
Ps you can shake it and vape it but the cereals really come together after a few days.

User: BigOs Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
5 stars just on the s n v... the touch of apricot is very pleasant, will see how much better it get, great work ;)
User: BigOs Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is such a great recipe, I imagine it's very close to the OG of Unicorn Milk not the terrible version it has become... I have mixed lots of versions and thus is the clear winner imo, easily 5 stars, great in a tank and great on a tube.. Respect 👊
User: BigOs Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Great use of Hard Candy, 100ml sat on my shelf for ever!!! Tastes good off the shake, 👌
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