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The ice cream was pretty simple. I used Mr Evans Ice Cream Trinity as the base. 3 words for that, solid, bold and delicious.
I added 1.25% bavarian cream to it because otherwise the peanut butter, butterpecan and caramel where too dry on the exhale.
I first tried other caramels and it helped with the dryness but it changed the profile completly. So 1% FA Caramel.
For the pea-nuts I went with TPA Peanut Butter DX and FW Butter Pecan. You can easily swap for the regular TPA PB if you want.
The Butter Pecan and AP help the TPA PB really well to hold up after the steep. The Hazelnut I used as a bridge between the nuts and the chocolate.
For the chocolate I normally would have used WF chocolate chunks but for some reason it didn't give me the result I wanted, somehow it didn't work well with the nuts. So I went with TPA DCC. 0.75% is plenty.

It's great as S&V but really delicous after 10 days and even better as it ages.
Tried it in the Hadaly and really loved it MTL in my Millenium and FEV

My take on Strawberry by The One

Raspberry (INW) and Sweet strawberry (Cap) was the combo closest to the OG for me.
Cereal 27 (CAP) and AP 5% (TPA) for the cereal.
Cream (FLV), Milk (FA) and Cream Milky Undertone (OoO) for a creamy milk.
Zeppola (FA) for the doughnut
New York Cheesecake (CAP) to create a bridge between the cereal and the milk.
Marshmallow (TPA) to blend it all.
Super Sweet to taste, I like mine sweet. However my coils tell me the OG liquid has a lot more sweetener in it.
It's pretty good after a good shake, I prefer mine after a couple days steep.
Don't let it sit for 6 months because I noticed the strawberry starts to fade after 3 months, but as I stated this combo was closest to the OG.

If you like Strawberry by The One you will definitely love this one as well.
Give it a try and enjoy!

My take on The One Apple Cinnamon

The One Apple Cinnamon is a cereal mixture of apple and cinnamon sure to satisfy your autumn cravings. It has the delicious, melt in your mouth flavor of a fresh apple cinnamon doughnut dipped in creamy, sweet milk.

Super Sweet optional as always.
You can shake and vape it, but I prefer mine after a 5 day steep.


My take on Chef's Mexican Fried Ice Cream

A sweet vanilla ice-cream inhale and a cereal exhale with hints of cinnamon & almond, bringing all the flavours together with the added taste of coconut.

It's not exactly the same as the original but it's close. If you love that, you will love this one too. If you sub the rich cinnamon for flv cinnamon crunch at .3% and bump the AP a little bit it will be closer to the original. But I prefer it this way 😉
Ideal to bridge the period when Chef's one is out of stock. (which happens sometimes because it is so good and popular)

If you like this recipe, you should give Chef's one a try as well, you can find the oneshot over here

If you are patient this is probably gonna be the best strawberry custard you ever vaped.
It's great after a month, after 2 months or longer it's from another planet.
All credits to Kevin Reed and his Kreeds Custard. His custard is the custard base in this recipe.
TPA Cotton candy at 1%
CAP French Vanilla at 4.5%
CAP New York Cheesecake at 4.5%
CAP Vanilla Custard V1 at 6%
That's all you need for an awesome custard.

If you are as lazy as me, check the oneshot on chefs and mix it up at 16%
10£ for 100ml of concentrate. It's a bargain.

3% FA Juicy Strawberry & 2% INW Shisha Strawberry my favorite strawberry for a custard.

Mix it up, be patient and enjoy.

I usually mix up 100ML Kreed's Custard concentrate (625ML juice) and store it for a couple months.
Afterwards you can add whatever you want to it, butterscotch, fruits, caramels, butterpecans, ...................


Not just another Caramel Macchiato..................................
This one benefits from a good steep, good after 2 weeks, awesome after a month or longer.........

FA Dark Bean combined with FLV Cookie Dough becomes a coffee flavor with dark and deep Espresso notes
and most important without the burnt ash notes that usually come with FA Dark Bean Espresso.
FW Butterscotch Ripple & TPA Caramel Oringinal my fav caramel combo.
FA Cream Fresh brings some creamyness to the party.
FLV Milk & Honey blends it all together.
Super sweet to taste...... but I like my Macchiato sweet...........

Give it a try and enjoy............


This is a straight in your face mango.

Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. Especially when their ripeness is on point. I've been playing around for some time
with all different mangoes. Although it seemed so easy at the start, I really had a hard time nailing this profile.
It became a mission with a lot of back and forth, and lot's of different approaches.
So my journey to my perfect mango started. I know I'm a little lyrical about it but hey it was a lotta fun ;)
From the start my favorite mango combo was 4% VT Shisha Mango with 1% FLV Mango. It looked as if they were made for eachother, but it wasn't a happy marriage. I needed to find a marriage counselor and if not this was going to end up in a divorce. That's when I met CAP Sweet Mango 1% the perfect marriage counselor for my unhappy couple. After some sessions and working on their relationship they finally came together as one. However this all came with a cost. CAP Sweet Mango may have been the best she wasn't cheap. The price I had to pay was 100 overripeness, some weird currancy used in the medieval Bahama's. I didn't have the money, so the next month I spend with Sweet Mango being her slave, harvesting her CAP Golden Pineapples 2% and CAP Sweet Guava's at 1%. I finally payed my depth but you know what they say "it's hard to fix a problem without causing another". And so it happened. All the hard work harvesting the sweet guava's caused "harsh" pain in my back. The only thing that could help me in the middle of the forest whithout a druid or medicine man within thousands of miles, was the fruit garded by a dragon, also known as dragonfruit. Everybody talked about it but not a lot of people have actually seen it. Most of the people that went search for it have never been returned. What choice did I have, put away my dream finding my perfect mango or push through. I went with the last option and a couple miles further I was getting close. Burned trees everywhere. The dragon and his fruits had to be close. Not that much later I noticed a snoring sound in front of me. There he was, in all his glory laying in the middle of an open spot having a nap. The trees around him were loaded with his fruits. So I started filling my backpack but the moment I picked the second fruit the dragon got restless and I decided to make a run for it. A close call but I made it. No doubt the most scary, but probably the easiest obstacle upon my road. After a few miles and in safe distance for the dragon I took one of his fruits .5% out of my backpack, started eating it and right away the "harsh" pain in my back disappeared.
What was that, listen.............. there was something in a near distance whispering my name. I got attracted to it, I had to move on. And at last there it was, my perfect mango right in front of me. I finally could see it, I could even smell it. As I was about to get ready for my final sprint, my last problem showed up. After being on a quest for so long, and all those obstacles I had to overcome, I was so thirsty. I needed to do something about it before I could reach my goal. Thank god I still had a Philipine Mango 2% Lemonade 1% in my backpack. That was just the "juicy" lifesaver I needed in order to reach the finish. While crossing the finishline I had my last dragonfruit .5% what made the slight "harshness" my lemonade left, disappear in the blink of an eye.
Finally I had her in my hands, my perfect mango. She looked delightful, her smell made my mouth water. I took a bite and ........... I only have one word left "HEAVEN"
I hope you enjoyed my journey as much as I did. I can promise you, you will enjoy this juice even more.
As always Super Sweet is optional, but here the recipe benefits from it, it doesn't only sweeten the juice but it also makes it brighter.

This is a Greek Yogurt with Mango.

To create the mango I wanted I combined FLV Mango 3% with CAP Sweet Mango 1.5% and added 1% of CAP Juicy Peach to get a more authentic mouthfeel as a perfect ripe mango does. To tame down the sickening sweeteness CAP Sweet Mango brings to the mix I threw in 3% Golden Pineapple and .7% CAP Lemon Lime and these 2 flavors brighten up the mango flavor as well. CAP Lemon Lime has a dual purpose in this mix. It brightens up the Mango and it turns the FLV Cream and FA Cream Whipped into a Greek Yogurt. I have been experimenting with this for quiet some time and usually I would throw .4% of INW Cactus against it to turn it into a Greek Yogurt but in this recipe it affects the mango flavor too much.
As always .2% Super Sweet is optional and in this recipe not really necessary.
If you like your yogurt with some cereal in it, 2,5% CAP Cereal 27 does the trick.

You can vape it right away, but it takes 1 week to grow to it's full potential.

Respect (Illusion's Taste of Gods Remix)
In Memory of Aretha Franklin

A coconut, pineapple and blackcurrant mix

I've been working on this remix for quiet some time.
It was hard to nail the pineapple in this recipe because the coconut was overpowering the pineapple.
Allthough the pineapple is very subtil in the original it was very hard to get the right one in.
After I made the Papio Remix I had to revisit my Taste of Gods remix to check how the Double Apple and Sweet Guava would work in here.
Gotta say it was a pleasant surprise.

1.3% FLV Sweet Coconut and 0.1% FLV Coconut is the perfect combo to get the coconut taste from the original juice. However for me personally I lower the Sweet Coconut to 1% because it suits me better. If you want to get as close as possible with the original juice you should stick to 1.3%
4% FW Blackberry, 0.5% FA Blackcurrant and 1% FLV Boysenberry gives a perfect and sweet blackcurrant taste.
6% CAP Golden Pineapple, 0.5% CAP Double Apple and 1% CAP Sweet guava will give you that subtil Pineapple taste that holds up against the coconut.
Don't be affraid to use CAP Golden Pineapple that high because that's what it takes to even get a subtil pineapple flavor in it.
0.5% Super Sweet is optional.

You can vape it S&V but after a few days the pineapple and blackberry come through a little better

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ....................................


If you love Monkey Mix Papio by Twelve Monkeys you should check this one out.

8% CAP Golden Pinapple because I'm pretty sure this is the main pineapple note in the original. I'm going this high because it's a really light flavor.
Golden Pineapple is my favorite Pineapple flavor but it's really light and doesn't have a lot of body to it. That's why I layered it with TPA Pineapple.
2% TPA pineapple to give it body.
2% Sweet Guava to help the Golden Pineapple stand up against TPA Pineapple.
.7% CAP Double Apple to get that moisty mouthfeel.
.5% CAP supersweet (optional)

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ....................................

User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Well I finally know what all the fuzz is about. Really delicious. I'm not really into cinnamon vapes but this one is really good and well ballanced. I'm really digging that toast flavor in this recipe. I'm planning on using it for a strawberry toast. Really well done ;)
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Great stuff!!! I'm really digging it. Love the way you use the AP!! 5 stars
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
I'm really digging this one. As S&V not that much but after a week it starts getting better and after 2 weeks it's awesome!! After steeping the Milk&Honey comes into play at it's full potential. Thanks man!
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
It's a great recipe, well ballanced. Didn't think the pink guava and lychee were going to work with honeysuckle at these percentages. I'm pleased with the result. The honeysuckle is still in there. I'm digging the floral notes from the elderflower as well. It's subtle but it's there. For me the pink guava is still pink guava and no grapefruit. But hey, I love it. Great job.
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Great recipe, well ballanced and really delicious!! At first I had my doubts about the 3% FE Lemon, but it fits in perfect. Another ADV for me! Thanks ;)
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
It's not mangabeys at all, but hey that's no problem at all. This is a great juice, my second batch I cut the sweet mango down to 1% and added 3% VTA Shisha Mango and for me personally it was even better. I just don't like Cap Sweet mango that much. Although I got to say this was the first time I mixed it this high and it didn't f**k up the mix. Well done, great 5* recipe.
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
There should be more recipe's like this out there!! Simple to make and delicious to vape. Thanks for sharing
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I'm digging this one, great of the shake. Not too heavy on the tobacco, the cherry is nice and that slight hint of vanilla makes it great. This will be one of my vapes this summer. Kinda surprised nobody reviewed it. Easy, simple and delicious.
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Really great recipe. Bold creamy and full of flavor. Only beef I got with it is that after 5ml's I have to put it away because of it's overly richness. But still 5 stars because hey, I know what I was mixing up. Thanks for sharing
User: BigCloud Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I could vape this all day every day! Great recipe. I didn't like it that much after 3 weeks steep. I got a weird aftertaste from it so I swapped the FLV mango for 2% FE Mango for a longer steep. As S&V it's pretty mango forward but after 2 weeks the mango settles and the tobacco and vanilla is picking up and it only gets better from that point. So if you want to steep it longer you might want to swap the mango for a different one. But if you shake and vape it the OG is wonderfull. Good job
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