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Rich creamy vanilla fudge, best after 14 days steep. Desolate seaside town picture postcard not included.


Whipped cream, cookie and tobacco...
Overnight steep for a wonderfully satisfying vape.


Rich whipped cream sandwiched between crisp, airy, meringues.

Main aim was to try and get the airy yet full dense mouthfeel whilst keeping the recipie really simple and percentages low so it can be used as a base for fruit if wanted... Any normal person would just go buy a whipped cream concentrate!

The MTS really helps the false sense of thickness...It also helps counter the sweetness - the mix is still on the sweet side for one of my mixes but the MTS helps focus down on the middle notes of the Meringue rather than the top sweet notes.

I keep trying to combine fruit into it too (raspberry) but think the MTS is retarding the flavour too much, thus releasing this as it's own individual entity. It's kinda bland but strangely addictive and satisfying!

Overnight steep.


Apple doughnut noms. Impressed with FA Zeppola, really good fried dough without a plasticine after taste.


Simple rich creamy vanilla milk shake.

Richness starts to come through after 2 weeks when the vanilla in the TPA VBIC begins to shine. INW Biscuit adds a hint of body and INW Vanilla Shisha adds an authentic luxurious true vanilla hit. I know FLV's Milk & Honey is a love or loathe kinda concentrate but I find it adds depth and an almost boozy creaminess to the mix without overpowering the silkiness of the ice cream.

Subs: Liquid Barn's Vanilla Ice Cream is a great sub for those people who get a pepper note with TPA's VBIC


GOLD RUSH...McVities Gold bars, a crunchy biscuit center with a layer of crisped rice smothered in caramel flavoured Caramac coating.

I've been attempting to nail gold bars for the last year, I've gone through so many different concentrate combinations that I'd consigned the mix to unicorn status... Then I discovered OSDIYs Lucky Shot!

In the strictest terms, a Gold bar doesn’t have any chocolate in it at all, due to not actually containing any cocoa... which is handy considering all white chocolate concentrates taste of arse...

Give this one at least a weeks steep so the caramel & cream flavours have time to settle.

Mix © Betamax (Ella Robinson)

Sugared nuts, creamy butterscotch ripple ice cream and a hit of dark tobacco on the exhale...Utter decadent indulgence.

Crunchy honey nut cornflakes with full fat milk. 1 week steep.

If you don't have CCW Devon Cream just up CAP Custard by .5%. Toasted Almond adds to the crunchyness of the cereal but is not crucial.

Feeling Lazy? One shot available here: https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/vaping-home-mixers/4653-ella-s-crunchy-nut-cornflakes.html


Comforting crumbly buttery vanilla Scottish shortbread, great as a stand alone or as a base for fruits, creams and all sorts of other flavours.

I enjoy this fresh but if you find INW Biscuit too raw the mix really starts to settle after three days getting richer as it ages.

CAP Sugar Cookie and INW Biscuit - they are great cookie bases that pack a punch. Together they work well at mimicking a proper butter shortbread.

AP brings forward the grain of the mix, adding just the right amount of bite and the CAP V.Custard (v.1) keeps the mix from being too dry on the pallet giving that overall buttery feel.

INW Vanilla Shisha added for its inherent bakery notes and general vanilla decadence.

Feeling lazy? Buy the one shot here:
UK: https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/vaping-home-mixers/4160-ellas-shortbread-biscuit.html
USA: http://www.onestopdiyshop.com/product-p/vhmella30.html

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