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Needed a Boo Berry vape - one that tastes as close as possible to what I remember from too many years back. Try #1 was up around 20% flavours, tasted good - on the right track. So this is a scale back plus added in some super sweet.

Cereal: FW Cake (yellow), TPA Vanilla Cupcake, AP and Hazelnut is my attempt at the cereal component. My previous recipe was pretty good but I feel the cereal is not 100% there yet.

Milk: Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh and vanilla swirl and meringue provides the milk.

Marshmallow and Blueberries should speak for themselves, though I think the marshmallow gets a bit lost in the milk. Need to find a way to separate it out. I though the super sweet might help with that...

Trying to find the balance between the cereal, milk, & blueberry with a bit of marshmallow. Any comments/critiques welcome.

User: BenthicVapes Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Easy S&V, mixed up two 30mls... one for immediate one for in 5-7 days. Love the cereal and the balance on the S&V is good between the milk and cereal. Maybe just me but the marshmallow (on the S&V) seems a bit subdued right now. Will that come ut more with a small steep?
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