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I was actually tempted not to make this public as there is this whole stigma around mixing at high % and that we should be mixing low this imo is true for some flavors but with these flavors i like them high. I have let this steep for over a month and the only thing that dies down a bit is the strawberry. I also mixed it at half strength and a quarter strength wile its not bad it just doesn't have the same intense mouth feel as when there this high. I can see various reasons why you won't mix this like you can't afford it lol , you looked at it and thought thats way to high this guy is off his head, i am pg sensitive, i can't fit my pg nic in there ect
But if you like sweet intense mouth feel vapes and the perfect strawberry doughnut (imo) give this a try its good off the snv and just as good a month later. Mix it don't mix it its up to you as always.

So i have been working on this for a wile now i didn't think the chocolate was up to scratch to begin with but after trying a few different ones like molinberry glamor chocolate i settled on this as it was the most authentic to the actual cherry ripe you get from the shops. Needs a week steep and you can probably sub out the raspberry with another raspberry as it is just there to support the cherry. The dedicated coconut and cherry mix really give you that authentic cherry ripe filling tast and mouth feel.

Thought i would make a strap on (strawberry, apple, watermelon ) out of my vta flavours it turned out to be a bloody ripper. even tho the watermelon is only .25 it is very forward in the mix.

You can add cooling agent if you like as this is going to be a great summer vape.

You dont have to add the sour mate or citric but i like to throw it in with some fruits.


edit i sorry if you have mixed this with the mad fruit but i had to remove it as it brang down the hole recipe i stand by that this is what a redbull should tast like 😀

I was trying to think about how i would replicate a red bull so i went out and bought every red bull drink i could get my hands on. what i soon realised was that i didn't actually like red bull lol or at least the ones i could get from the shop so i went about creating my own perfect red bull using flavours i could get from sydney vapour. i started with the forest fruit and lemonade and it was good but just felt the berry's needed a boost and i remembered some one from one of the forums i follow saying that blueberry is good with lemon so i added a dash of blue berry extra and it was great i vaped 30ml in one day after a 3 day steep and found myself wanting more.


this is my take on kirks pasito drink.
Kirks is a soft drink manufacturer founded in Queensland, Australia in 1959, popular for their range of flavours including lemonade, creaming soda, and sarsaparilla.
the pasito is one of my favourites a cold can on a hot day is very refreshing basically its a passion fruit soda. as soon as i tasted vape trains passion fruit concentrates i knew they were destined for this. the fizzy sherbert is the soda base and the peach brings a nice sweetness and helps the passion fruit out with out coming through.
feel free to add cooling or sweetener

A creamy chocolate cheese cake. The vta choc base and love mix nicely with the NY cheese cake to create a fluffy moose kind of cheese you could eat all day and not get sick of.

this is a good vape when your drinking. whisky flavour with a nice touch of apple.
Thanks to cathy for doing the pic for me.

so i am a big admirer of shyndo i watch most of the youtube stuff he does and respect the mans attitude towards other mixers and the way he addresses questions even tho they are some times trivial. i wanted to make his mango sticky rice but didn't have any of the ingredients to do so. so i chucked this together and it has come out sweet not sure if it is better than his (probably not lol) but is quite tasty and authentic considering the limited flavours i have in my stash. some i wish i had would have been a sweet coconut and i know heaps of people have the vta mango and are raving about it so maybe try this with them if you have those.
also i probably over complicated this recipe and could have left out the zeppola and suggar cookie but they seemed like a good idea at the time and i am trying to use up my sugar cookie before it goes bad and it came out good enough for me to share this with the world.
much love.....

This is scary close to a rice cream my grandmother used to make my sister and i. its a funny vape not sure how to describe it lol just plain rice cream you tell me?

The vta love makes this recipe. i got the love and the croissant in at the same time and thought i would chuck them together what i got was unexpected a deli shes white choc peach bakery. This is one of a couple of juices i made that is moreish and sooo good most of my juices i usually rate around the 3 to 4 star mark my self but this one is a 5 for sure imo.

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Have mixed a similar recipe before and know it tasts good.
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not to bad but think i am vaping at higher watts than your self i let it steep for 20 days i seem to be getting some off notes from the nut bread and not enough custard to cover it as i said i belive this is due to the temp i am vaping (80-90 w). i did try it lower and a good range was 40-60 watts i had a lot less off notes here. still not my adv but i give you big brownie points for 3 flavors and giving people something simple and easy to mix cheers.
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ok so some of these concentrates were hard for me to get to australia so i had to do some subbing i subbed the tobacco absolute for virginia tobacco FLV and tobacco symphony for 7leaves ultimate FA now this could have changed the entire mix lol but i wasnt sure what my options were as this is my first tobacco recipe and vape ever. it came out great tho and tasts to me like smoking log cabin but is missing the after taste of log cabin. its getting 5 stars from me because it tastes like a actual smoke thanks cbv hopfully i am filthy rich one day ( or stop being a tight ass) and can get the proper inw flavours shipped to australia.
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I bought the one shot its amazing, really smooth, nice mango, great coconut, i would have liked a bit more rice but thats just me and it does come out more after a week well done mate keep up the good work
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not to bad mate i have given it 7 days steep but may need longer i can see why you call it cinn apple with that apple filling so high just imo it is a bit to high and i feel like i needed more cream or sweetener to dull down a sort of whisky bourbon taste i get from the apple filling. thanks for sharing
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Super eggy rich dense custard it all just works even after 4 days this is great if i was to get super picky like SUPER it may be a touch dry but that is nit picking at the highest level and may even be due to my nic. This has a great mouthfeel as well super thick in the mouth not to sweet but not bland well done wadyloops this is great and better than any vanilla custard i have made or tasted. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me bro
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Great recipe let it steep for 2 weeks nice job mec mod
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Holy crap this is authentic its like a fresh peice of grap gum in my mouth.
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thanks for sharing dank1 i know you worked hard on this one and yogurt isn't your forte but i think the yogurt is pretty good in this all tho in my opinion the fruits arn't quite right i am getting a duller fruit than what i might like in this mix but think some bilberry would have been great in this and maybe some other cream but i know you had to stick to the rules of 6 flavours and i am sure if you had more room to move this would have been awesome. thanks again and keep up the good work.
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really nice didnt get much of a steep as i vaped it all :) i learned that sugar cookie, cream cheese icing and some sweetener make a yummy topping and will be steeling this combo for future use thank aron and well done
User: Benoz Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Delicious mix bro thanks for releasing it loving the one shot. Will try it with the devon cream
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