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this is a good vape when your drinking. whisky flavour with a nice touch of apple.
Thanks to cathy for doing the pic for me.

so i am a big admirer of shyndo i watch most of the youtube stuff he does and respect the mans attitude towards other mixers and the way he addresses questions even tho they are some times trivial. i wanted to make his mango sticky rice but didn't have any of the ingredients to do so. so i chucked this together and it has come out sweet not sure if it is better than his (probably not lol) but is quite tasty and authentic considering the limited flavours i have in my stash. some i wish i had would have been a sweet coconut and i know heaps of people have the vta mango and are raving about it so maybe try this with them if you have those.
also i probably over complicated this recipe and could have left out the zeppola and suggar cookie but they seemed like a good idea at the time and i am trying to use up my sugar cookie before it goes bad and it came out good enough for me to share this with the world.
much love.....

This is scary close to a rice cream my grandmother used to make my sister and i. its a funny vape not sure how to describe it lol just plain rice cream you tell me?

The vta love makes this recipe. i got the love and the croissant in at the same time and thought i would chuck them together what i got was unexpected a deli shes white choc peach bakery. This is one of a couple of juices i made that is moreish and sooo good most of my juices i usually rate around the 3 to 4 star mark my self but this one is a 5 for sure imo.

steep for 4 weeks the deep fried dough takes a wile to come through

steep for 3 weeks

The cantaloupe twist a dance of bakeries fruits and creams.
I made about 7 versions of the bakery and cream aspect and to be honest try this with out the cantaloupe dragon fruit and peach and that is also a good vape. The main ingredient i wanted to work with was the cinnamon danish swirl that is a great flavour but i find a bit tricky to work with sometimes. Adding the cheese cake graham cracker really helps it out in a big way and the custard and ice cream help smooth out the bakery profile and some off notes i get from the danish swirl.

I added the cantaloupe because i love it lol and helped it out with some peach if you want more of a peach profile go .75% peach and .25% cantaloupe.
This was a great learning curve for me and i learnt alot about these flavours through trial and error. there are so many things i wanted to add but Sydney vapour don't have unfortunately. but all these flavours are staple flavours for your mixing.


A wet fruity cactus vape great on a summers day .
You can sub the vta lemmon with lemmon sissily, citric acid something similar that makes the fruits pop.
This has been great in my mtl and pod system as well as my rda.

This comes out quiet nice its just a simple strawberry and kiwi gelato that needs a good week steep.

The dragon fruit helps out the fuji apple to become a apple filling.
The cinnamon danish swirl becomes part of the base and adds a cinnamon tast to the mix complimenting the apple and bakerie notes.
The biscuit and Graham cracker turn the danish swirl into a crust.
After mixing ID10-t apple danish swirl that was pritty good i decided to turn it into a apple pie.

a rich biscuit vape with a good hint of whisky if you like grog flavours then you may want to increase the whisky but other wise at 2% it sits nice in this mix.
The RF choc hazelnut spread brings a hint of choc and some nuts to the party that really supports the biscuit and graham cracker

User: Benoz Score: 2 Entered: about 2 months ago
User: Benoz Score: 5 Entered: 9 days ago
ok so some of these concentrates were hard for me to get to australia so i had to do some subbing i subbed the tobacco absolute for virginia tobacco FLV and tobacco symphony for 7leaves ultimate FA now this could have changed the entire mix lol but i wasnt sure what my options were as this is my first tobacco recipe and vape ever. it came out great tho and tasts to me like smoking log cabin but is missing the after taste of log cabin. its getting 5 stars from me because it tastes like a actual smoke thanks cbv hopfully i am filthy rich one day ( or stop being a tight ass) and can get the proper inw flavours shipped to australia.
User: Benoz Score: 5 Entered: 7 days ago
Have mixed a similar recipe before and know it tasts good.
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