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Simple Clean Vanilla Cherry Ry4 Recipe.

I think he would Vape this recipe


This is my recipe for killer waffles.

We start with the top
I decided to follow the direction of blueberry and raspberries.

The waffles.
For the body I use Cap sugar cookie, Fw yellow cake, Tpa Belgian waffle and Cap Vc to complete the waffle combo.

I decided to leave the syrup as an accent note and not take it to the front for that Cap caramel and Fw Dulce de Leche.

Thats it a killers waffles.

Simple Banana MilkShake

For the main note I use La banana cream in a higher percent, to put in the front of the recipe , and a litte of tpa banana cream
I use it only to suport the La banana cream.


In the middle that simple but amazing vanilla waffer that produce Inw Biscuit.


Simple more Creams Fa Meringue, fw marhsmallow and to give that milk shake impression Cap Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

You can Shake and Vape, but its better after 3 days.

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