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This is a nice creamy base for multiple uses and its yummy on its own.

Mix it
Shake it
Age it
Vape it

As i was testing the NR Vanilla bacco, i tested it with 5% in a 5ml VG, steeped it for around 6 days, the flavor is light and delight.

NR Vanilla Bacco has a light but noticeable sweet tobacco to it, paired with vanilla which is also detectable.

The flavor by its own is nice, but i noticed its a dry flavor as a standalone mix.

This is my first mix to try out, made a 25ml because i know its gonna be a good mix, due to my experience with the RY4 and Shisha Vanilla.

Will let you all know the end result after two weeks and how it taste exactly.

Day 2: This is a certified as SNV mix and its ADV for me. I like tobacco vapes and this an exceptional simple one. If you are a smoker or a tobacco vape lover, try it and you won't regret it and the Vanilla Bacco has a lot of mix potential folks.

Day 3: The RY4 start to pop up and a nice sweet hint of caramel come to the surface, i mainly used it to sweeten up the mix and push the tobacco note up.

Optional %: You can adjust the Vanilla Bacco between 3-6 as you like.

Note: No need for Sweeteners at all, unless you are over sweet lover, Plus although i said its a SNV mix, just give it a 4 to 8 hours before you start and shake it well after the mix guys.

Group test Note:

The average vapors report back that the vanilla is so much, for me it's nice and seems balanced. But for you all mixers, you can start out with this percentages to tame down the vanilla flavor:

Vanilla Bacco 4-5%
RY4 Double 1%
Shisha Vanilla 0.67%

IMO those above percentages won't change the recipe taste, yet it will reduce the vanilla note a bit.

Keep vapin...

I once had the chance to vape an ejuice from my friend premium collection and i liked it. It was Vape Mail eliquid and it was yummy lemony juice of sort. I only tried couple of vapes from his tank and decided to mix something similar.

So the taste is something close to Vape mail and i liked it so much and made some friends try it and they did also liked it. But still feel it needs some boosting, in the meanwhile if anyone decided to try it let me know how it goes with you.

Do appreciate feedbacks folks.

The one thing im sure about is catalan cream is spot on in this recipe, it has that lemon note to it and it indeed assist LM pie great deal

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