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I've been working on this recipe for some time and considering it is #RemixMonth, the time for release is now.

Most think Blue Moon ice cream has blueberry in it, and that is far from the reality. A historical look at the recipe origins of this midwest favorite gives many clues as to the ingredients. Bottom line, it is a raspberry and lemon profile. It's not blue, but it sure makes you think it is. No Name Craft Eliquids is a fan favorite line of juices, and for those that are familiar with the line know that Blue Moon is their most popular liquid next to SPF 15.

Most Remixs I consider as rock solid once they get to the 70% mark in terms of replication. Nailing them down exactly is near impossible, but getting the profile right is most of the battle. In this case? I think I am at 90%! This is the closest I have come to replicating an exact juice. It is hands down one of my favorites of all time, and I have gone through many iterations leading up to this recipe.

The base of this recipe is VBIC, and it stands out. However, there is a creaminess beyond that with slight coconut undertones at higher watts. Enter CGC. The CGC adds a buttery richness that occasionally gives you the effect in the original liquid. Adding some Biscuit to the mix moves the buttery cream effect even higher and closer to the original. Vanilla Swirl pumps up the vanilla profile a bit to keep it from getting too cheesecake like. Additionally, it maintains the sweet and buttery effect the original recipe is known for.

What is left is the blue effect, and was the most daunting part in creating this REMIX. I went through all of the flavor houses finding the right main profile for this liquid. Raspberry Sweet is it. Combined with FA Strawberry makes it spot on. The final piece of this mix was the percentage of Lemon to include and what brand. While I don't think ECX lemon is the particular lemon used in the original, I do think it is the best lemon out there. It is here with just enough of a percentage to make the raspberry "blue".

While I have made many tasty variations of Blue Moon along the way in my journey, these are the percentages that make it a REMIX as close to replication as I could come.

If you have tried Blue Moon by No Name Craft Eliquids, sit back and relax. It is finally here in DIY form. I am very proud of how close this is to the original. As with all my mixes, this is an 80% vg liquid made using a dripper pushing 5.8 volts.


If a thin mint Girl Scout cookie mixed itself up with an oatmeal cookie, this would be it IMO. My creation is not meant to be a replication of either of the aforementioned. Rather, it's just a darn good cookie! Inspiration is much better than replication sometimes ;)

Sugar Cookie is what it is. The base of most cookies out there. To bring on oatmeal cookie qualities, ya gotta do something to it lol.

Biscuit- Buttery, and cookie like in it's own profile, it adds to the Sugar Cookie base.

CGC- Adds more buttery notes and a vanilla note to the cookie profiled base.

Brown Sugar- Darkens the cookie profile and adds a depth from the classic vanilla most basic cookies have.

Butterscotch- Butterscotch Natural when mixed at roughly a 5:1 ratio with Butterscotch Ripple has it's place in several other mixes I make, and allows you to make other adds to your mix to work in the appropriate level of sweetness depending on the recipe. It's a perfect combination that allows you to play around with additional sweetener or other flavorings to match what you are going for. Butterscotch is a staple in many oatmeal cookie profiles and recipes.

Creme De Menthe Just a touch here folks, we're not making a mint cookie lol.

Sweet Cream- Used to add to the sweetness of the butterscotch. We could have accomplished this by upping butterscotch ripple a bit more, but that would have changed the butterscotch flavor I was going for. Flavor and sweetness are not the same thing.

Try it shake and vape so you can see what the creme de menthe tastes like right out of the gate. BUT, let it sit for a few hours and come back to it. The next day? The magic has already happened and the effect the creme de menthe gives to this recipe is in full swing.

This creation is meant to be a light cookie recipe at 80% vg, and was made for a dripper. Try it as such. I hope you enjoy it!

Find your fruit heaven folks, this is mine. Parfait heaven. The Spanish translation of parfait is perfecto...love it.

CAP Apricot, TPA raspberry and TPA strawberry ripe have been my combo for this. There are many others, but this one makes me happy.

GC Clear provides just enough of a bridge here to make it a parfait rather than a fruit cream alone. FA's Butterscotch makes it even better while adding to the sweetness of the mix.

NY Cheesecake, while not what I typically use, gives the effect I wanted here minus some of the buttery/coconut notes I get from TPAs CGC.

CAP Whipped Cream? What parfait doesn't benefit from a finishing touch?

Recipe inspired from some of my own work and Wayne Walker's Vanilla Pudding Cookie recipe.

Another dripper juice that certainly needs NO added sweetener ;) Good as a shake and vape, supreme after a week. Welcome to summer people!


The greatest part of DIY is being able to design a recipe exactly how you want it. This is the naked version of a strawberry cream churro.

Zeppola was all the rave when it first came out. By itself, it gives you a fried dough that serves to bring on the churro taste. Some people have suggested using waffle to give it a little more of an oily taste, but I think the perfect churro is made to be a little more light and fluffy, hence the zeppola. To move the zeppola away from the typically known donut taste, we had to give it a little something. Enter biscuit.

Biscuit adds a buttery note here and does just enough to move zeppola along to a happy place.

Brown Sugar is here to take the place of the typical cinnamon sugar coating found on churros. I added it for the darkened sugar taste because frankly, I'm just not a fan of cinnamon in a recipe. My version and why I call it "naked". If you want to up the brown sugar to 1% or 1.5%, go for it. If you still want the cinnamon undertone, then keep the brown sugar at .5% and add .5% of Cinnamon Danish Swirl.

Strawberry Sweet JF is meant to hold on to the strawberry taste even through the steeping process. I did not want it to fade, so this was the choice. I was not looking for the most authentic of strawberry tastes, but a maintenance of sweetness. Remember folks, these things are sold on the streets from Mexico through South America, and there is a strawberry syrup filling inside, so you will not find authentic freshly sliced strawberry taste here. Not what I was going for.

Bavarian Cream buttery and sweet, and adding just the right amount of vanilla. Matches up well with the Strawberry Sweet.

As I said, this naked strawberry cream churro can be spun to your liking, but you just got the how and why for my tastes. The adds to experiment with are a little more brown sugar, and cinnamon danish swirl.

Give it a 4 day steep folks. That is noted below, but I do not want people to miss this as it does taste different as a shake and vape.

Happy Mixing

Mangos and Christmas needed to find each other. Who doesn't want to celebrate with a tropical Christmas? A creamy, buttery fruity delight that brings pecan to the party for something different.

CAP Mango when combined with other fruits maintains it's themed taste and picks up sweetness. The back end musky taste so many complain about from mango is eliminated here because of the other fruit additions.

Cheesecake Graham Crust and VBIC are the base and here for the the creaminess I wanted for this mix. The percentages are just enough to make it the main profile over the fruit. Sometimes you want a cream with fruit instead of a fruit with cream...There is a difference, and is intended here.

Butter Pecan is the star of the show here, and puts the creaminess on another level while adding a nut highlight. It accentuates the already added cream notes with buttery goodness. Biscuit is in there to add to that effect without increasing the nut profile.

This recipe was made for drippers. A week steep is necessary to let the butter pecan settle in and let the fruits figure out how they will lay in this mix. In the end, it's a different take on a mango presentation, and not another overwhelming fruit mix. Mango Mas to all.

I made this recipe this past spring with inspiration from Wayne's Strawberry Cereal Milk. I was hopeful to replicate an almond milkshake my better half makes and this is what I came up with. This recipe is a great example of how low flavoring percentages can pack a good amount of flavor, and more importantly, hold on for a long steep. I'm vaping a 3 month old steeped bottle as I type this, and it is still delicious. I enjoy it as a shake and vape just as much as when steeped for what it is worth. This is another mix designed at max VG for a dripper, outputting 5.88 volts with dual 2mm micros coils built just under 1 ohm.

Almond is the star of the show here, and besides it's expected flavor, it has a creaminess to it that lends itself to the theme of the mix. Marzipan is it's cousin, and it's candied (sugared) almond taste, when combined with Almond, makes for a nice sweet nut add. Marzipan by itself is typically too much sweet imo, so it accentuates well with the main almond note. Cheesecake Graham Crust and Malted Milk are here to thicken everything up and to create the weight of a shake. Vienna Cream adds a sweetened vanilla profile to both. Meringue is here to add a grainy touch and works wonders to add texture to the base. Brown Sugar, besides it's sweetening abilities, lends itself to the malt effect I was going for to put this more in the shake range. Strawberry Sweet has always held up well in combination with almond and marzipan, and to me it is more candy or syrup like...the perfect strawberry for a milkshake. It is not meant to be the standout flavor here, and it's sweetness falls in line with the rest of the profile.

If you are an almond fan, I hope you give this recipe a try.


A light flavored, creamy peach cranberry cake.

A simple recipe, and one of my early favorites when I began mixing. This mix is delicious as a shake-and-vape, and light and refreshing as far as cakes go after a steep.

The base of this recipe is obviously the Yellow Cake. Say what you want about the sugar in it, it is still the best out there imo. Marzipan adds a sugary sweetness to it without adding too much of a pronounced nut (candied almond) flavor we usually use it for. It's enough here to change that cake flavor ever so slightly. Vanilla Classic is here to bring out that vanilla flavor from the cake even more. Fresh Cream smooths it all out and helps nicely to take the edge off of Juicy Peach and to make sure the tartness of Cranberry does not overtake everything.

Cranberry is low here, but pronounced without getting too much of the tartness as a shake and vape. It's noticeable, but fades some with a steep; obviously because of its low percentage.

Together, this is a light cake mix that I enjoy more as a shake and vape. I still use it after steeping, but just my preference. My mixing has advanced a ton since I made this recipe, but it still remains one of my favorites and I wanted to share it. I will likely do a spin on this recipe as a V2 someday.

Keep in mind that this mix was designed for a dripper outputting 5.8 volts and high VG. Dual 2mm micros at around .9 ohms. Try it as a shake and vape first, then give it a go with a steep. After trying it as is, adjust the cranberry to 1% if you like the flavor. I personally like it as posted.

Happy mixing



I have made many butterscotch recipes, and most of them fall on their face with seemingly practical ingredients and flavor percentages. On paper, they look great but when mixed they usually disappoint. This recipe is a builder, and by looking at it you would think cookie or cake. It tastes like ice cream to me, and Ripple is the ingredient that changes it from a cookie/cake/pie to the ice cream taste.
Butterscotch recipes need to be thickened much more than we would usually suspect. Typically we can do that with creams and vanillas, but with butterscotch, doing so takes away from the butterscotch taste. So, you have to find a way to thicken it, give it body, but by applying some of the ideas we use for cookies and cakes in DIY.
Biscuit, Yellow Cake and Sugar Cookie are used here to create the body this recipe needs. It is the base for letting the butterscotch flavors build on.
Butterscotch Natural is my favorite butterscotch flavoring and the most realistic tasting IMO. It's not an ice cream flavor, and to make it one I added the small percentage of Butterscotch Ripple. Ripple by itself can be overpowering in a mix. Here, it is a perfect amount to change Butterscotch Natural into something different without being overpowering...ice cream.
Strawberry Ripe? Yep. Strawberry Ripe! At 4% it sweetens the mix and leaves you with a lip sweet feel on exhale. It does not overwhelm in the mix and at this percentage still keeps Butterscotch in the forefront as the primary flavor. I can tell it is there, and the exhale benefits here of sweetening the mix is my favorite part of this recipe. When I was a kid I can remember mixing butterscotch and strawberry ice cream together, and this was the imepetus for adding it in this recipe.
To bring it all together and to add creaminess the trusted Vanilla Swirl and Cheesecake GC were used. They are the balancing act in many recipes and made the cut here.
Brown Sugar helps to sweeten the Strawberry Ripe and I only added it so that Ripe's sweetness did not get lost with the base ingredients. It was in the first version I made of this, and although you likely could leave it out, I cannot convince myself that Brown Sugar Extra does not make Strawberry Ripe and Butterscotch taste better lol.
This was made for a dripper at 20pg/80vg and a build outputting 5.88 volts. Dual 2mm micros @ .95ohms.
Happy mixing.

Apple cream dessert bar, A 3 week steep is necessary to put this mix on point. Shake and vape is not what this is. Drastically different after steeping, and delicious.

Max VG mix made for drippers.

User: Barracuda Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Where to start... Passion Fruit has a way of overwhelming much of what most mixers want to pair it with in a mix. Here, the flavor notes could not be more spot on. It is front and center. This definitely is a passion fruit mix! How it got to be unique and enjoyable is where Chapel earns all the praise here. The earthiness she describes in the notes is what Fig brings to the mix. But, ya gotta know here that this attempt would have fallen on its face without bringing down the acidity, the same acidity that keeps many mixers away from Passion Fruit. Caramel did it, and if you gave it to 50 mixers to try I would doubt that more than 1 would have been able to pick it out. Masterful. Add to that, I don't think the earthiness of Fig would have been able to peek it's head through on this recipe without the caramel doing what it did. It's a great mix, and I appreciate it more for doing EXACTLY what the notes say it does more than anything else. Huge props to Chapel for taming Passion Fruit...and with only 3 flavorings! Not an all day for me, but I appreciate this liquid on a whole different level. This recipe is a well deserved top 10 winner in the comp, and is a recipe that matches it's notes more than any other I have come across. Super impressed.
User: Barracuda Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Phenomenal recipe! Mango done right. The back notes many do not like with mango are greatly reduced in this recipe. In full disclosure, I dropped the mango percentage to 1.5% for that very fear. It is replaced with the slightest green tea hint, and it works extremely well here. The sweetness of the rice is combined perfectly with the FE mango, and as Skiddlz says in his Reddit write up, cannot be replaced with another. Fresh Cream brings it all together with vanilla swirl noticeable at the end. Bangin' recipe, and a spot on creation. Going into the daily rotation.
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