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not mine, want to mix this, atf is a good website to do that.
by Centerfold
BTW TFA Marshmallow contains Act(acetaldehyde) and AP (acetyl propionyl), they also added citric acid. ADD AT YOUR OWN RISK

it's grape and soda
what do you expect, you should expect grape and soda
maybe some tartness like wine

fw sweetener probably works better in this.
After tried cap cukes, it appears to carry more of that bitterness than TPA's, adding 0.6 for that bitterness.

my best summer time vape

User: Banner7 Score: 4 Entered: about 7 hours ago
simple recipe inhale pineapple ,exhale coconut, coconut flavor stays in my mouth for very long and it's delightful , 2nd batch now , found it oddly good with peanut flavor
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