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Ok, so I'll say right off the bat, I've never had a corn cookie nor do I know if corn BREAD cookies are really a thing. I just think they should be. I love sweet corn bread and love sugar cookies so this is my attempt at making something that is a hybrid between one of those huge artisanal soft sugar cookies and sweet warm corn bread. The result is, well, to me it tastes good. I'll let you decide if that's what it really tastes like and if the name did it any justice. This has been my ADV for a few months at least now at hits me in all the right spots. Subtle, sweet, cookies with a cakey bread (and almost slightly custardy aspect). The corn note isn't overbearing, but it is evident as more of a corn syrupy sweetness with a dry corn bread sweetness in the finish.

I will spare all the details, but this has been through more than a few iterations. The key for me to getting the soft cookie/sweet bread texture where I wanted it was a combination of MB Soft Cookie Base, CAP Sugar Cookie, WF Cookie Butter and OOO Corn Bread.

Additional buttery texture results from the addition of VT Butter Base which is a fantastic butter, and my personal favorite.

The corn flavor/sweetness is lacking on the WF Corn Bread(even though it reads as a fantastic cake flavor and texture) and I really wanted this mix to come across as having similarities with corn bread so the WF Corn Powder is fantastic for adding a nice sweet subtle hint of sweet corn and corn meal. Used sparingly, it had the desired result, and if needed, could be easily bumped up to .75% or 1% even for more savory/sweet corn flavor.

TPA French Vanilla Deluxe is a MUST in this recipe. I tried a few others and I even tried it without. I can't fully explain why or what it is doing to the mix, but it adds a vanilla note that blends everything together nicely and compliments the cookie and sweet bread flavor. It is one of my favorite vanillas and it really shines in this mix.

SSA Ice Cream Vanilla was a late player in the game. I brought it in as general weight and body to the recipe. I wanted just an overall bulkier body then I was getting from the earlier mixes without it. As far as I can tell, it is acting similar to what vanilla swirl does to mixes, in that it just brings a bold body to the mix and doesn't really interfere with the cookie or bread texture. And most of all, to me it emboldens the vanilla note and makes it all that more rich and unctuous (that ones for you Cheebs).

I hope you guys like it, anyone that decides to give it a shot. I worked hard on this recipe to create something that I personally enjoyed as I had a vision in my mind of something I really wanted to vape, and I succeeded in that. If anyone else enjoys it, that's a bonus. Feel free to comment if you decide to give it a go and let me know how you think I did.


A simple gooey caramel ice cream. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla has plenty and body and light buttery vanilla that it seemed perfect for a caramel ice cream. Milky Caramel Fudge is a fantastic gooey light caramel that plays well with any ice cream or any other cream for that matter. And to hold it together, OOO Marshmallow Vanilla adds to the "chew" of the caramel as it solidifies on the slightly melted ice cream creating a combination of vanilla and caramel thick mouthfeel. Steep a week for body and texture.

I really wanted something close to those soft little buttery cookies my mom makes for Christmas each year with a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle of each cookie then baked, they are great but I wanted it with strawberry instead of raspberry. So I came up with this recipe to scratch that itch when I can't have the real thing. It has quickly become part of my regular rotation of flavors that I ADV. It is fairly close and accurate to what I remember the cookies themselves tasting like.

TFA Butter: ....Because butter. It's my favorite butter next to VT Butter base and if you're going to make these cookies, you need butter. And this certainly provides that.

Cookie Butter: This is a great flavor and just works great with all bakeries, but especially cookies. At the recommendation of Fresh03, I put this with almost any bakery of cookie I am making. It is just great. It also adds some buttery aspect to this mix because I remember these cookies being very soft and buttery so the more butter the better.

JF Cookie/CAP Sugar Cookie: Equal parts of my favorite two cookie bases make an exceptional base for any cookie, really. But especially a straight up blonde sugar cookie. I love this combination and I first saw it used in Golden Oreo Pudding by DeeJayMills and it really is a good combo.

Graham Cracker Clear: Basically this exists in the mix just to accentuate the cookie base. This recipe works for me kind of like cookie butter, but for crusts and cookies as a "dryness" instead of butter. So basically I put it in everything where some kind of bakery crust is present as well.

Shisha Vanilla: A bright vanilla note that this kind of soft buttery cookie benefits from. I also remember these cookies having that vanilla note in the outer crust where there wasn't any jam.

Strawberry Jam: This was a no brainer. This is my favorite jam and certainly my favorite strawberry jam. So it was an obvious choice, and at 3% it's high enough to be the main note without being too buttery.

Strawberry (baked): This is present to act as the finished "crust" or baked top of the dollop of jam in the middle of the cookie. And seriously, this stuff is great. If you don't own any, go get some. It's the only flavor like it, it's definitely one of a kind.

This is my take on a "simple" basic cereal with milk. It is "simple" in the sense that all of the components are necessary in some sense for me. The base two flavors are FA milk and Cereal 27. The rest of the flavors are meant to help bring out or "fix" these flavors, so to speak. Most of these I got from the guys and gal over at the Noted podcast as suggestions on what auxiliary flavors go best with cereal, so shout out to them. I took their suggestions and ran with them.

AP brings out the nut'n'honey type of nuttiness that I expect in a cereal. The Graham cracker clear just rules and I put it in everything (but seriously I was told it goes really well with cereals and....well, it does). For the milk, FA meringue sweetens up the mix and milky underpants really just goes well with FA milk at 2 to 1 and I also use it a lot with FLV cream so it was a must for me to make that perfect milk aspect.

Anyways, I use this as a good starting off point for a cereal vape, but mostly I like it by itself as an ADV. Enjoy!

For this recipe, I was really wanting a to find a good mango centered dessert using creams or milks I had been experimenting with lately. So I decided to K.I.S.S. and just take a stab at a simple Mango Cream which is almost custard-y but more akin to a heavy whipped cream with mango puree folded in a pushed through a sieve. At least that's what I was going for in my mind.

Cream(Milky Undertones) & FLV Cream: These two for me work really well as a duo to add creaminess to a recipe. I have been using them at a 2 to 1 ratio and they compliment each other very well this way, FLV cream adding a lot more weight to the milky undertones.. This creates a nice cream base, along with the vanilla swirl, for the mango to sit on.

Vanilla Swirl: This is used basically as the main body and adds a dessert vanilla note to the mix. At 3% this does the trick.

FLV Mango: I hear from most people this is the best mango and it didn't disappoint. It is thick and well rounded and really accentuates my favorite aspects of a mango. I used it at 1% because I wanted more of the cream/dessert aspects to come out so the mango didn't take over. I like it where it is, but If you wanted more mango and a little less of the vanilla cream base, I think 2% would work just fine.

Blood Orange(Natural): Added in a very small quantity to add a bit of acidity to the mix that I thought it needed. The flavor of orange doesn't really come across as much as just the acidity does.

Strawberry Gummy Candy: This might seem like a weird choice, and admittedly it may be. But I wanted a sort of gelatinous, sweet, candy sort of mouthfeel to round out any harsh edges left over from adding the orange. And I love this flavor so it seemed like even if the strawberry came forward a bit, I would still like the mix. For me, at a half of a percent I don't really taste strawberry but it did get some of that mouthfeel I was looking for so I kept it in.

This is a work in progress and I am always open to any suggestions to make my mixes better as I am a relatively new mixer (only about 6 months). Enjoy!

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