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Just a simple FA Strawberries combo smothered in a trinity of FA creams

Tastes like hagan daaz rolled in cereal and nuts then deep fried with accents of mild & smooth coconut and just a pinch of cinnamon. Mmmmm

Cream filled doughnut-
Doughnut comes through nicely but the star is those creams here, my take on a boston cream sugared doughnut

Get face deep in dragon milk.
Still testing for so far so good

A sweet Raspberry Milk Pudding Tart. Came up with this recipie quite a while back with some help from the Chefs FB page and ive been enjoying it since.

Used Nick's Ice Cream Trinity here as the base and added some fruits ontop.


Sicillian Lemon & Blackcurrant Ice Cream
Quite balanced mb blackcurrant isnt too strong at 5% and allows the lemon to stand out abit aswel as the ice cream

A nice rich triffle with multiple layers of lemon, cream, custard and cake rolled into one awesome vape. Im quite lemon sensetive in regards to throat hit so ive made this one where the lemon is present but rounded and creamy. A real change to normal strawberry type trifle juices

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake bars, utilising OOO cheesecake as i feel this is quite an under rated flavour but it shines here backed up by FA's cheesecake which also helps the fruit aspect imo just needs abit of extra steep time. MB's white chocolate is my favourite and have enjoyed it up to 6% but didnt want it to dominate the mix so at this % it sits nicely amongst the cheesecake.

My take on a common profile, also my ADV.
A very rich vanilla custard.

Fw blueberry & tres leches work great together almost like they was created to be paired up and wf white cakes makes the combo even better. Everything we love about a blueberry muffin made better.

User: BRDZ Score: 5 Entered: 19 days ago
Rating purely on the name and picture. Made me want to mix this up now. Looking forward to having a taste of trunks. Do a bulma recipie when you get chance ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘Š
User: BRDZ Score: 5 Entered: 18 days ago
Only just realised this hasnt got any reviews which i find odd. A great Ice Cream flavour on its own but i find it works best as a base for other flavours and fruits when looking to mix a nice ice cream vape. Used this quite a few times now as its becoming abit of a default ice cream for me now
User: BRDZ Score: None Entered: 16 days ago
This looks like it works really well. Be making this after my next order
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