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If youve tried blue note in the past, which im sure most veteren mixer have then you know how great it is.
Regardless the blueberry is nice but lacking so ive bumped it up with an awesome combo to compliment it. The tres leches (i love with blueberries anyway) plays to the creaminess of bluenote whilst the cheesecake plays to the creaminess too it also lifts some those slight bakery notes and adds body/ thickness.
This is a competitor for my blueberry cream cake as my favourite blueberry vape.

so where to begin, a ry4 cookie custard - VRC im very impressed with i get custard with faint tobacco notes which play nicely with ry4 double.
Lucky shot was hard to get ahold of for me but what a great flavour, it brings caramel and creams in the mix and some great bakery notes which literally blend with everything in this recipe perfectly

The blackcurrant is the main fruit in the mix lifted by harvest berry as i find it blackberry forward with sweet jammy notes then deepend by saskatoon berries.
VC2 is a great custard here as it has great mouth feel and remains fairly light much like Flv VC. After a good steep i havnt come across another custard thats like Flv's but i ephasise the steeping with it but it does stay fairly light still. So we still need some richness and thickness for the custard - enter caps french vanilla - adds depth and thickness to the custards but not as much as if id say used all caps VC.

Not very sharp on its own and fairly mild but sharp blackcurrant is a great flavour, used inw's to just push it up slightly with cranberry/ hibiscus to add tartness/ sharpness and some authentic tang.
The cheesecake is the back bone to the blackcurrant top notes and keeps it grounded some what. I get everything i need from yes we cheese cake at 3% with a little graham help from caps and using NYCC to really fill it out.

Sweet Blueberries and cake swirled in a delectable vanilla cream custard

butter cream is the main body here, its slightly soft, sweet and buttery - real nice cookie flavour. Boosted with biscuit and some extra sweetness from the cookie dough and yellow cake fills in some extra body.
Devon cream needs no introduction as a decadent cream pushed further with HS FVIC & whipped cream.

Creme caramel as the primary flavour here, its soft and creamy with great caramel notes and using butter toffee with fa caramel to push those forward.
Using inw custardnto help play on those pudding notes/ mouthfeel whilst custard premium and sweet cream bring in more custard notes and vanilla swirl brings that extra vanilla in.

Now i know the raspberry is higher than normal but... with creams it works very well. The higher % allows it to stand up to longer steep times and the cream dialnit down slightly but what you get is a very authentic fresh tart raspberry.
Caps VBIC makes the main body of the cream whilst sweet cream add body and sweetness then cream fresh & milk keep bring it back to a normal fresh cream flavour.

Heavy sweet raspberry like syrup mixed into a decedant vanilla custard.

Used WF VC due to it simularities with Caps VC with the exception on this doesnt carry some those spicier notes Caps does but other than that this is just as good imo. Still wanted some of that Caps vanilla goodness and FV brings that in well at this %. Used FA NYCC because its slightly softer and not quite as sour as Caps and this also has a slightly fruity maybe strawberry back notes (although its light).
Shisha Raspberry has plenty of punching power in this mix and paired with a little Jammy Berry its sticky heaven, steeping with change the raspberries however - the longer you leave this to steep the more those creams will tame the raspberry into velvety goodness

Uber rich ice cream with swirls of raspberry sauce. Using lb ice cream as the main body paired with devon cream, using HS as a rich booster and the marshmallow to bridge and mellow the raspberry. This is pretty heavy and tastey

User: BRDZ Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Rating purely on the name and picture. Made me want to mix this up now. Looking forward to having a taste of trunks. Do a bulma recipie when you get chance πŸ˜…πŸ‘Š
User: BRDZ Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Only just realised this hasnt got any reviews which i find odd. A great Ice Cream flavour on its own but i find it works best as a base for other flavours and fruits when looking to mix a nice ice cream vape. Used this quite a few times now as its becoming abit of a default ice cream for me now
User: BRDZ Score: None Entered: about 2 months ago
This looks like it works really well. Be making this after my next order
User: BRDZ Score: 5 Entered: 14 days ago
Mmmm... looks boring af πŸ˜…
User: BRDZ Score: 4 Entered: 14 days ago
Mixed 15ml up of this about 3 days then came back to it yesterday and just finished the last bits of it. Dope recipe although i had to sub tpa apricot for fa. Ive struggled a little with cherries but this is banging get a tart sour juicy cherry, loads of flavour here. Thinking about doing another mix and turining it blue with some blue razz and maybe a little ws23 for the summer. Nice one bro this is a great vape
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