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Had several attempts at this one over a long period of time and finally got it to pretty much where I want it to be.
Rice crunchies, sweet rice, popcorn v2 and the yam (the yam brings the konjac) surrounding a somewhat artificial milk chocolate. I've tried several different chocolates along the way and FLV milk chocolate fits perfectly and is strong enough to hold its weight with everything else going on.

I don't imagine this is going to be a popular choice for people to mix up, but for anyone who fancies something different, give it a whirl.

Lemon meringue ice cream with a small dusting of shortbread cookie crumbs. Inspired by a supermarket new range and the fact that I'm not a massive fan of bakery recipes. The creamy sourness from the creamy Greek yoghurt gives the lemon a push to the forefront whilst adding creaminess to the ice cream.

Watermelon splash, rum and pineapple with a sweet watermelon exhale. Perfect for the summer months and a nice simple mix.

Certified shake and vape, would work well with some Ws-23.

This is almost like cheating. SSA apple strudel works pretty well as a one shot as it is, throw in some raisins and it's even better. Not much in the way of rum here but the FLV rum raisin does help boost the bakery of the strudel a touch. Add the sweetener of your choice if desired, 0.5 super sweet helps it pop.


An extra chocolatey tiramisu that's works perfectly as a shake and vape. It sounds wrong, but tell me I'm wrong. I dare you 😁

Partly inspired by

Recently a UK supermarket launched these bad boys and I figured that it would make a pretty impressive vape. I wasn't wrong. A light airy supermarket style doughnut filled with a pink lemonade jam.

Long list of ingredients for this one but totally worth it. Raspberry and waffle at the forefront.

Simple 321 for an old English style sweetie. I added 0.5 super sweet but feel free to adjust to your liking.

Easy cheap and cheerful toffee ice-cream Cone. Added 0.25 super sweet, it doesn't really need it though as it's sweet already.

Be gentle with me, I'm new here 😘
I came up with this recipe in early January and was attempting to come up with a profile I thought nobody else had done. Something different but tasty none the less. This was where I landed.

Buttery cakey goodness with just a small helping of custard to keep things moist. The orange is at the forefront with a hint of lemon to add some bite.
This recipe really needs the steep, as a shake and vape it's just an orangey mess.

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Dude looks dodgy in a bath tub, can't grow much of a beard. But the guy can mix. This is a great chewy base.
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Credit is definitely due alright. This is outstanding, but then I do like FE sweet rice and I do love cherries. Reading this? Go mix it.
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Loving this, simple and packed with juicy melon goodness.
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