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User: AyBlinken Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Mixed this up 3 days ago and I have to say it is spot on. That key lime pie really nails the citrus note that comes through with fruit loops. I had given up on the hope of finding a good fruit loop/fruity pebble recipe a few years ago, but this hits the mark for me. It's more lime forward rather than lemon forward that most other recipes were using, so there is no lemon pledge problem with this one. The glazed icing note on this one is really surprising, I didn't expect that would come through like it does. Great job putting this all together, especially bypassing the traditional way of using meringue and AP to get the cereal and milk notes all the other recipes use. I feel like this recipe has a great chance being tweaked for a vanilla ice cream kind of remix, similar to the Flint Stoned juice I used to get from vapewild. It also makes me wonder if FW fruity flakes could be used in a similar way with this recipe. I'm sure people will start playing with this and make some interesting remixes. Thanks again Wayne.
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