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A Banana & Chocolate Creme’ pudding

Tested off the Shake on a Hadaly 0.24 Ni80 Alien @ 55w

Banana VSO & VTA Banana Custard combine for a lovely full dessert banana flavour.

VTA Chocolate Mousse along with VSO Chocolate are my main chocolates with VTA Devon Cream adding to the overall chocolate & creme in the recipe.

VTA sweet cream is a great cream to add a thick mouthfeel & in my unhumble opinion brings forward the creaminess to this recipe

My Attempt at a Raspberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

My Attempt at a Blueberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

Made for Fresh From the Kitchen (Cocktails)

My Aim here is to create a summer fruits Icy & Slushy Creamy Granita(esk) cocktail.

I cheated & only used the bourbon in the cream for some relevance to the alcohol component of a cocktail.

Tested on a Hadaly, single 0.27 Alien @ 40-45 watts

Off the Shake:
A sweet creamy fruity (passionfruit forward) slushy textured vape.

3 Days Steep
It is a more balanced vape & the creams and fruits are working well together, the is a slight vanilla note with a hint of booze in the tail of the vape. Texture still Feelss like an icy slushy but not as prominent as it was off the Shake.

10 Days Steep
The combination of fruits is delicious, the slushy iced aspect is still present but has fallen back into the mix as the combination of creams round out the mix.

A Choc Mint Cheesecake Mix for Addy Tuney’s 61st Birthday

All Chocolate Mint off the Shake, espresso vso should grow 🤞🏼

Tested on a Hadaly with a 0.25 single coil (dual core alien) @ 39 - 44 watts.

1 Day, creamy minty chocolate, no presence of the espresso yet, the chocolate is present but is subtle in flavour

3 Days, things are starting to change as the mix has gotten a little “muddy” but has a creamy mint chocolate with excellent mouth feel.
(I am looking forward to how this finishes after it has had a 5 to 10 day steep)

7 Days, The mix in now clearly a cup of Choc mint, with a slight cinnamon spice on the tail, mouthfeel is delightful, Espresso still not present, think it needs to be bumped up to .75 or 1%

10 Days, I would consider this to be fully steeped & is clearly a creamy thick choc mint beverage, it has a brilliant mouthfeel. Espresso at 0.4% is not present in the mix after 10 days, so if you want the mocha then espresso would need to be doubled to 0.80%. The cinnamon from the moose milk is no longer present and it is just adding a little something to the finish.

A Cranberry & Apple Pie finished with a serving of Vanilla Cream, created for the Fresh From the Kitchen monthly challenge (Fall Recipe)

Tested on a Hussar II Rda with a 2.5mm I.D Ni80 Alien @ 39watts

Off the Shake:
I am getting a heavy apple filling with a slight cranberry & pie base with a hint of cream,

Day 3:
After 3 days it has developed its pie base that is buttery thanks to the Flavor Art Apple Pie & Wonder Flavours Shortbread Cookie, the apple filling and cranberry are both presenting themselves, all the spice notes have settled and are currently offering a good spice note to the Mix. The creams are there but still not as pronounced as I intended.

Day 5:
Tested on a Haku Riviera Single 0.2ohm Alien coil @ 48 watts
FA Apple Pie/ WF Shortbread Cookie are giving me a buttery Pie crust, the fruits are where I want them to be with the right amount of spice, the pear & liquid amber are giving me the stewed fruit texture that I am after. The cream is starting to sit into the tail of the vape as intended, however would still like it to be more prominent.

Day 7: The cream is finally present & playing its role in finishing off the pie.

Day 10: Everything has settled into its place and I am getting a nice buttery dessert pie crust with a stewed apple & cranberry filling with a light amount of spice, finished with a serving of a vanilla cream.

This is a recipe from August 2020 FFTK Mix-a-long (I have changed a few things since)

This is a Cakey Donut filled with a delicious blueberry Cream with a hint of cinnamon sugar.

Remixed on the 16th of April 2021 & tested on a Hadaly RDA with 0.33 Alien @ 48watts

Tested on
Wasp Nano
Single 2.5mm ID Alien
0.24 @ 36-40 watts

Full flavoured Blue Raspberry off the shake, the Lemon is doing its job to brighten the fruits, VSO Blueberry is the best blueberry I have tried & mixing that with VSO red raspberry & SSA raspberry syrup, rounds it out to a yummy blue raspberry

Built this based around David Marshall’s VSO Banana & VTA Toffee Ice Cream suggestion.

This is my attempt at a Barny Banana Ice Cream, which has some of that artificial banana flavour, that is why I used Loranns Banana Cream, added a small touch of VSO strawberry To bring the banana out more, (based on advice from Fresh03)

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Fanfuqntastic of the Shake, I can’t wait for the results after it’s had it’s Nap
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