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A friend asked for a full creme brulee recipe so here is my take on it.

Creme brulee is just cream, vanilla, eggs and sugar.

The VT Creme Brulee is a great flavor but I felt it was best to make it a bit creamer with FLV Cream and it does add cream body. The FLV Vanilla Bean in the mix adds the vanilla bean note that would be in a traditional creme brulee.

VT Honeycomb adds a nice, uncomplicated sweetness in place of a burnt sugar topping. TPA Vanilla Custard of course adds the eggy feel to the mix.

This started out as a basic strawberry vanilla mix to see if I could meet a friends expectations...then I realized, you're never going to meet anyone's expectations so....why not just give them a good recipe and some crazy eyes?

I leave out the sweetner - only added for those who want a commercial feel

Cap Sweet Strawberry and the FLV Alpine Strawberry play nice together in this mix. While many have moved on from FW Yellow Cake, it's my go to for a sweet, sticky cake base and with the addition of INW Yes, We Cheesecake, I get the body I'm looking for in the mix.

VT Vanilla Buttercream Frosting adds a finishing creamy note that compliments the INW Cheesecake. It COULD be used at a higher percentage to taste however I prefer this flavor under 2% in a mix like this.


A simple creamy vanilla coffee.

FLV Biscotti is the base coffee note - the INW Shisha and French Vanilla Ice Cream are meant to be the main vanilla notes but a small percentage of FLV Cream and FA Custard premium give this more body while adding the McCafe/Tim Hortons coffee feel.

3 days max steep IMO but good on the shake.

Posting this because I mixed up TamVapes Goo In My Butter Cake but with a few swaps. I initially thought they were errors but realized, I completely bastardized the original. TamVapes created the base ultimately for this.

On to the Creamy Nut Cake -
Since I am obsessed with vanillas and creams, I cannot stop vaping this.

I had been searching for a couple of years for an elevated but more calm use for Cake Batter Dip and a way to make it work with TPA Pistachio. FW Salted Caramel is my go-to caramel because on a couple of my mesh tanks I actually get the salty sweet. I know, I know, you don't get salt in a vape - I beg to differ. I might be hallucinating it but either way, in at least 2 applications the saltiness of the FW Caramel (Salted) comes through on the exhale. I don't like sugar lips (don't come for me on the Yellow Cake) but salty lips - all day errday!

I am still a fan of FW Yellow Cake but I would imagine WF Angel Cake would suffice in this recipe at 2%.

The FW Vanilla Butternut brings the recipe together and gives an overall vanilla back to the fluffy layers in this recipe.

I was looking for a pina colada but without the alcohol note. This mix brings a creamy meringue base to the light citrus pop of the lime and golden pineapple. Adjust the coconut down to .5% for a more rounded taste of the tropics however, at 1% it sits very well with me.

1 drop of Erythritol Solution per 30ml and the Liquid Amber with the Sweet Lychee bring out the fruit notes which naturally compete with the coconut being such a strong flavor. I feel this recipe is done as it's my third batch/tweak on my original idea. Feedback is welcome :)

Good as as shake and vape but better after a 3 day steep on the Meringue.

User: Aritria Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I gotta say Wayne you crushed this. The OG Eliquid is HEAVY and a coil gunker. This however, I mixed this as written with the exception of the super sweet (used erythritol instead at 3 drops per 30 ml). Shake n vape it had a plastic flavor but day 2 - BANGER. I think you got this just right and better than the OG. If you wanted more of the OG heavy syrup, maybe bump up that custard to 1% but I actually PREFER this to the original. Thank you!
User: Aritria Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I too mixed this up using WF Butter Pecan Pie. I did a version as written (aside from the note) and a version using HS Banana instead of the FLV Banana. I think it might be a little placebo that I prefer HS Banana to any other however you made a great recipe here and props to MlNikon for suggesting it a DIY OR DIE show or chat recently because I wouldn't have ever found it otherwise. I'm hoping the vanilla comes through more on a 5 day steep as both of my batches are 3 days currently but great recipe!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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I'm going with RdaJunkie here - it's weirdly addictive. I'm getting a good creamy pistachio. It just works. Nice job! Simple AND awesome
User: Aritria Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Great use of the WF Almond Cookie and great addition of the TFA Butter with the WF Crispy Wafer. I've mixed this quite a few times and find it to be a thick, balanced, buttery bakery. This is a great ADV, great with coffee. I found it great off the shake but perfect after 5 days max steep. Awesome job Fleming - thanks for sharing your work!! Side note, the 2nd time I mixed it I mixed a 120 ml and spilled the whole thing on my keyboard. Is was that good!
User: Aritria Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is truly my kind of simple, fried doughy, vanilla creamy recipe. Nice intro to the HC Eggroll for me. As a SNV reminds me a bit of a funnel cake but with a better sweet note. After 4 days I felt it was great! Thanks!
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