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Well here we are again. I swore I would never work on this damn recipe again but I had a breakthrough after making a totally unrelated juice. I was using Vanilla Bean Gelato and smelled that missing element of Duchess I had been looking for. Who knew? I have made over 45 batches of clones to get here and took a very long break but finally feel confident to post this. Try it out and let me know what you think. I think you will agree that this is the closest clone we have ever got to the original. Have any comments, suggestions or think something is off? Leave comments down below. Thanks and enjoy.

FW Butterscotch Natural- I tried the natural version and non- natural but cant make up my mind which is best. With that said, other brands were not the sweet buttery flavor I was looking for . It is potent stuff so no more than 2% is needed. It becomes more buttery as it steeps and it settles after a week or so.

FW Tres Leche- This is the back end of the cream and gives it just a slight sour flavor like the original. I tried milk or other similar flavors but they just don't work and I believe there is reason it is in the description.

FW Graham Cracker- A big thank you goes out to Wayne Walker for this one. Yellow cake never hit the mark right and this cannot be subbed for any from Capellas or TPA. They are just to different. It is the needed bakery aspect of the cake and seems to work in this setting. The more I play with this, the more I think 1% is too high. after a steep it really comes to the front and 0>5% is more likely to be on point.

FW Hazelnut- I tried them all and this fits the best. There is most definitely hazelnut in the original and 1.5% after a steep seems to fit well. Again, subbing it for another just wont be the same.

TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato- This is the star of the show. I cant understate how much you cant sub this out. The whole backbone of the recipe falls on it and I have tried different % but after a steep this fell right into place. Its very sweet and in my opinion removes any need for a sweetener in this recipe. The eggyness mixed with the butterscotch is perfect and seems to have a slight coconut essence about it that I can taste in the original. This was the Holy grail in the recipe that I could never put my finger on.

Cap Vanilla Custard- I think we all knew this was in there but add too much and it takes away from the Gelato. 2% seems to keep it from taking over but still has a strong presence. As always it takes a little while for it to come to the party. After a week you can expect it to play.

FA Vape Wizard- This is to thicken and funny enough it brings the color to the original. Its not a deal breaker but I feel it adds to the experience. It is roughly 1 drop per 10ml of juice.

FW French Vanilla- I have tried every Vanilla out there except for holy Vanilla as I cannot seem to get it in Canada. Its softer than the others and compliments the creams in the recipe but wont overtake the recipe. I have had success with CAP French Vanilla but found less after taste with the FW version.

TPA Marshmallow- This adds volume and fluffiness to the recipe and I'm certain its in the reserve version of duchess but not in the original.

CAP Super Sweet- if you must add sweetener I would use this but no more than 0.25%. The original isn't very sweet compared to other commercial juices. I personally leave it out but go nuts.

Well there you have it. Try it and let me know what you guys think. I always promised I would re-post my Duchess after I felt I got it right...I just didn't think it was gonna be a year later. Mix it at 70VG/30PG to get the original consistency and give it a week to steep. With that said, taste it right away and let me know your thoughts. I'm dying to hear feedback. Even after a shake and vape you will see it is on track but falls into place after the steep. I hope this helps someone who went through the same hell I did.


Finally a custard I can be proud of. If you are looking for a simple vanilla custard that is creamy and smooth, then here it is. Don't worry about the banana and the hazelnut as they are just for rounding off flavor...but don't leave them out. You wont pick them out and they were just what I was looking for to fill in the gaps. Enjoy everyone.


Time for something fruity. Mixed this up on a whim and very pleased with the results. Enjoy everyone.

Well over 40 different batches trying to clone Kings Crest Duchess and I never got it. But what I did get was this recipe...formerly Duchess version 21. It still isn't Kings Crest Duchess but in some ways it's better. It is a very buttery butterscotch and I have vaped liters over the past 8 months. I know percentages are high and if that bothers you then don't mix it...or dilute it if you like. Its very rich and probably not very good for you but well worth it as a treat. Enjoy and leave feedback if you like. Best after 2 weeks for it to settle properly.

*FA Fuji used as Jungle Flavors are not available in Canada.

I know, how unique is an apple fritter? If it wasn't so good, I would have selected a different entry. This is a warm buttery fritter that is just in time for fall. Here in Canada we have Tim Hortons for our coffee stop and they make a very simple fresh (not overly sweet) apple fritter I really wanted to recreate. I mix this at 30/70 PG/VG and let it steep a week.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl- this has a rich spicy cinnamon base with it requiring a high enough percentage for all notes to come through against the buttery cream but not so much to get a mouthful of cinnamon. 3% was just right to get this.

FA Fuji- at higher percentages this can be nauseating but is still a main note in the profile. 1% gives a greener apple without over powering the recipe. It holds on the steep and allows for a fresh apple note to ring through.

TPA Strawberry Ripe- this will need a higher percentage than the apple to lend its sweetness and red strawberry back note. It gives us a bridge between the apple and danish swirl.

FW Sweet Cream- this is imperative for our buttery creaminess in the recipe. It takes some steep time to shine through but when it arrives it creates a balance in the recipe.

FW Salty Butter Balls- I have no idea what salty butterballs are but know this flavor well. It works very well with Cinnamon Danish Swirl and the very slight salty butter flavor adds a richness and spicy butter to the mix. There is also a brown sugar like note included with this flavor and does it without the burnt sugar taste found in other options.

FW Butter pecan- what is lacking in the Butter balls and sweet cream is found here. The final butterscotch like flavor in the butter pecan tops it all off. There is a subtle pecan flavor that lends well to the other ingredients and rounds it all out.


This is an extra creamy banana milk treat. I didn't want to upload it till I got it totally right...and here it is... definitely my best. Give it a couple weeks to get all the creamy goodness. I mix it at 70VG/30PG and the LA banana cream I use is the clear version.
* update- for a creamy banana Pudding add 1% Vape Wizard-yummy

User: Aquaneo Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
I made 120ml of this as the reviews were so good for it and it is by one of our greats. I was disappointed after a couple weeks as the CAP Lemon Lime really takes over and creates a "sprite" taste about it but after steeping for 2 months this has really mellowed into a nice vape. All I can say is give it some time if your not happy after mixing as it really comes out nice after some time. Great Job NCM.
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: about 5 years ago
This was a perfectly sweet thick vanilla custard. It reminds me of Velvet Couds vanilla custard. The second batch was a 100ml batch as I enjoyed the first so much. Takes at least a week till those custard notes come through properly. Enjoyed it allot.
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: about 5 years ago
Very tasty, I was able to taste a slight floral in the coconut but its mostly undetectable. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and very light and fluffy. Overall very good and really enjoyed at after mixing...stills needs to steep but not sure it will make it. Great Job.
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
This is a really good vape. Everything lines up really well and the flavours come through unmuddled and distinct. Good job Chris
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
very Tasty, sorry I've got no criticisms as it is great as is
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Never had the original but this tastes just like a lemon tart. Well done!
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Well I forgot about this one so it ended up with a month steep and it is very accurate to a pecan gelato. It is sweet but has a slight throat hit I didn't expect. It is a very authentic gelato and I enjoyed this vape very much. The more I vape the more I love it. Its subtle but satisfying. I will definitely make this one again. Great job on this one Krucial
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Very nice vape. This was a pleasant surprise and tastes just like the description. Great Job.
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Very tasty even right after mixing. I will make this again
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is really good as a shake and vape. Good job Wayne and another win. I have to be honest... I haven't been much of a fan lately but you have renewed my confidence. A perfectly balanced strawberry chocolate and not harsh at all. I had to sub FW to TPA for the cotton candy but it works well. Try this one guys.
User: Aquaneo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Well done Sir
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